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1. April 2011: Restaurant Streif in the A-Rosa Grand Spa Resort

| April 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

The dishes in the Restaurant Streif in the A-Rosa Grand Spa Resort are pretty good. You have to make a difference though between the breakfast buffet and the lunch buffet. The breakfast buffet – overall – is pretty great. You can find fresh fruit, fresh juices, a lot of different bread, cheese, cold cuts, and so on. What is also part of the buffet is salmon and shrimp cocktail as well as a chef from which you can order your omelet. The salmon was not that great to be honest – it was way to oily. As I usually only have salmon for breakfast, I was not happy with it. Besides the salmon the breakfast buffet is pretty good.

The lunch buffet is pretty small – the dishes are tasty but the selection was rather disappointing. In German we say “small but nice” but somehow it was still disappointing to have the choice between only that few dishes.

The service is friendly in general but sometimes has issues in fulfilling your requests. We asked for some sugar for the coffee and first of all it took her quite some time to bring it to our table and secondly she actually really only brought two little sugar bags to our table instead of just bringing enough so it would be enough for everyone – rather special behaviour for a waitress.

The atmosphere is really nice. The dining hall is large and inviting. Somehow it seems modern because it is spacious but on the other hand it gives you a feeling of comfortableness because it’s entirely held in light wood. The floor is made of stone and the window front provides the room with a lot of light – so it’s pretty bright.

Overall, the Restaurant Streif in the A-Rosa Grand Spa Resort is quite okay. The atmosphere is really nice, the service is okay and the dishes are fine too but personally I preferred the Restaurant Monti E Mare way more!


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Restaurant Streif

A-Rosa Grand Spa Resort

Ried Kaps 7

6370 Kitzbühel (AT)

Tel.: +43 53 56 65 66 09 92

Fax: +43 53 56 65 66 08 19

E-Mail: kitzbuehel@a-rosa.de

Homepage: http://resort.a-rosa.de/kitzbuehel

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