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A touristic tapas bar which creates a local experience: Restaurant Bar del Pla (7. August 2021)

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Somehow, it wasn’t as easy as I had expected to find a restaurant which would serve food at around 3pm on a Saturday but finally, I found the Bar del Pla which is really kind of a tapas restaurant, if you want. So, I started the lunch with “padrón peppers” (EUR 8.00) which were nice and I personally liked it a lot that there were quite a few which were nicely spicy.

The “albondigas” (EUR 10.00) were better than the regular ones – usually, they are rather bland in tomato sauce but these were actually good in terms of quality of the meat and the meatball and the sauce was absolutely delicious.

Let’s say veal sweetbread (aka “mollejas”) (EUR 16.50) is probably not what everyone likes and understandably so but let me tell you that these little things were absolutely delicious and definitely something to enjoy fully.

The “La Rusa” (EUR 4.50) was somehow better than I had expected. The Russian salad you get in Switzerland is far from delicious but this version here was actually outstanding!

The “anchoas” (EUR 10.80) on the other hand were – uhm, kind of a disappointment. I mean, the anchovies per se were good but EUR 10.80 for this is really kind of a rip-off.

All in all, the Bar del Pla is nice since it offers a lot of different dishes, is rather packed and seems to go quite well. The service quality highly depends on the person who attends you though. While the girl who initially placed us was not very friendly, the guy who attended us afterwards really made it a pleasant experience. So, despite its touristic angle, I can recommend you to try the Bar del Pla.


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Restaurant Bar del Pla

Carrer de Montcada 2

08003 Barcelona (ES)

Tel.: +34 932 68 30 03

E-Mail: info@bardelpla.cat

Homepage: http://www.bardelpla.cat

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