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Absolutely amazing Asian cuisine: Restaurant Vi Ngon (3. November 2021)

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While I have figured that for Cologne, there is no 100% guarantee that the rating on Google is actually matching expectations these days, the Vi Ngon was a find where the Google rating is very much justified. The place is nice but simple yet spacious. The “edamame (Japanese beans, steamed, with sea salt)” (EUR 4.90) were relatively simple and not really that appealing.

However, the “Thai coconut soup (small soup of coco milk, lemongrass, chili, mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, chicken)” (EUR 5.90) was delicious already. It was not only nice in terms of the broth but it was also nice in terms of the ingredients, quality of the chicken, and just as a general meal.

The main I went for was not only quite a portion but it was good on every level. I went for the “Pad Krab Pauw (fresh chili and basil, bamboo stripes, red bell pepper, onions in a garlic soy oyster sauce, served with rice)” (EUR 15.50) which turned out to be nicely spicy (as the menu had stated) but almost to a degree which was too much for me. Secondly, it was aromatic, full of flavor, and just generally enjoyable. And while so often the meat is not really that great in such an occasion, it actually turned out to be quite amazing!

All in all, I can highly recommend the Vi Ngon – nice place with delicious dishes and very fair prices and solid service.


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Restaurant Vi Ngon

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 6-8

50672 Cologne (DE)

Tel.: +49 221 29 49 36 72

E-Mail: info@vingon-restaurant.de

Homepage: http://www.vingon-restaurant.de

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