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16. April 2011: Fora Club

| April 21, 2011 | 2 Comments

The Fora Club is located in the Istiklal Caddesi – the main street leading from the Galata Tower to the Taksim Square. It’s the same street where also the 360 Istanbul is located. We entered the club because the music which was played inside was so loud and appealing (well, it was basically only some kind of techno music) that we decided to enter. The entrance costs 15 TL (and includes one drink).

The club has two levels – on the first level, there is some kind of boring live music; on the second level there is something like a club. First, I had a drink – vodka lemon – which was drinkable. The vodka is probably some kind of industry vodka, it’s nothing good for sure. The good part was though, when I got the drink, I tried a sip and was not satisfied with the amount of vodka in the drink and complained – and the bartender gave me more without even really thinking about it – at least that was nice.

The music played is not bad but it’s basically just chart music. The atmosphere on the other hand is nothing special really. It’s just a room of about 30 squaremeters where they put some tables and a mirror in front. What they also “put” there was girls dancing so the club visitors would be staying longer and eventually take one of them home. That’s what we realized after the pretty girl started dancing with an ugly guy right away and as soon as they went for the bar and they’ve talked, he started not being interested in her anymore.

What could be considered good, additionally, is the fact that a waiter keeps coming to your table in the club and serves you the drinks you order within a few minutes. Of course, that’s more to sell more and make more money, but it’s still somehow practical and nice so you don’t have to walk to the bar and queue up every time you want a new drink!

In any case, the Fora Club is a place where you get good music, nice girls (to look at), cheapd and not really good drinks. So, unless you’re looking for that kind of entertainment, it’s not really a place I would recommend you to go to!


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Fora Club

İstiklal Caddesi

34420 Istanbul (TR)

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2 Comments on "16. April 2011: Fora Club"

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  1. nemo says:

    I went to the fora club a couple of days ago with some friends.
    Free entry but as soon as we started dancing two girls joined us and ordered a couple of drinks. Apparently Whisky 30 turkish lira each.
    Of course everything was added to our bill and as soon as we complained we have been surrounded by some not so friendly members of the staff.
    Very sospitious.
    Not fun at all….

  2. Sven says:

    Hi nemo, sorry to hear that this has happened but it pretty much fits what I’ve seen. I guess, we’ve just been lucky that they didn’t approach us …

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