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17. April 2011: Restaurant Galata Kiva

| April 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

We decided to have a last time Turkish food before leaving Istanbul already again – and we went for the Restaurant Galata Kiva which is located right next to the Galata Tower. And it was a mistake! At first we were considering not going because it looks like a classical tourist place but it looked pretty appealing inside (the interior design). Also, when we’ve entered, we saw that there were a lot of Turkish people in there and not too many tourists, so we thought it might not be bad.

The waiters are friendly and try to be helpful. We wanted to order starters for ourselves but we got suggested the starter plate (15 TL) and decided to go for it. It was really just a plate, and not a platter. The dishes were not bad but nothing too persuading either.

I decided to go for chicken with garlic, coriander and honey (10 TL) as a main dish. What I got served was chicken with tomato sauce – I could not taste or see any garlic or honey. So, it was just pretty disappoiting. The plate was also just two pieces of chicken and not appealing to look at.

The interior – as stated before – was nice but also a bit cheap.

The prices, looking at them without judging are pretty okay as nothing is expensive, but for what you get it’s still too much for Turkey. The food was not bad (some elements on the starter platter were good) but you feel like being tricked in there – and that’s probably just what actually is happening. They serve you not what is on the menu, they didn’t have certain things which were on the menu anymore and finally, the plates – and how they’re prepared – are just not appealing at all. If you want to go eat around Galata Tower, walk down a bit and try the Wisteria, but don’t try the Galata Kiva!

There are plenty restaurants and bars close to the Restaurant Galata Kiva like the Café next to the Galata Tower, the Enginar Bar, the Venta del Toro, and the Bar in the Restaurant Wisteria.


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Restaurant Galata Kiva

Galata Kulesi Meydani No 4

34420 Istanbul (TR)

Tel.: +90 212 292 98 98

Fax: +90 212 292 00 47

E-Mail: info@galatakiva.com

Homepage: http://www.galatakiva.com

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