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A great fegato alla Veneziana for lunch: Restaurant Klingler’s (31. March 2022)

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It is a solid four years ago since I’ve last visited the Restaurant Klingler’s but it definitely has increased in my ‘to be used as a regular restaurant for lunch’ list. Once you’re seated you’re served “bread, olive oil, and salt” which is nice since the portion is also rather generous for two people.

The soup of the day was a “creamy potato soup” which was absolutely to my liking. However, one word of warning, the soup was very thick. It was more a cream than a soup – like, it was not really that liquid – but it was truly tasty. The only downside was the density in terms of you would feel like you’re already have done before the main course was served.

As a main, I went for the special of the day which was “fegato alla Veneziana” which I liked a lot. The liver was not overcooked like so often but almost a bit undercooked (actually perfect, but I suppose that’s not for everyone in terms of temperature). The sauce it was served in was actually delicious too – so all in all, a great main course.

What was funny was the sides. We somehow ended up getting “risotto” as a side which was delicious. However, we had never been asked what we wanted as a side nor had it been mentioned to us.

And when we got “roesti” as a second side, we were wondering a bit. After kind of making it clear that we hadn’t really been asked about which sides we wanted, the waiter apologized and said that, since he had forgotten to ask, he had just ordered something for us. Which was okay since we liked the sides. However, it’s actually not okay from a process perspective. In any case, the main was tasty and is recommendable.

All in all, the Restaurant Klingler’s provides a nice atmosphere with enough privacy to have a good discussion, good, swift, and friendly service (the small mistake above aside) and a relatively fair price. To be fair, CHF 170.00 for two people for lunch (without alcohol) is rather expensive but still a nice place for lunch.


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Restaurant Klingler’s

Münzplatz 3

8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 43 321 22 22

E-Mail: contact@ristorante-klinglers.ch

Homepage: http://www.klinglers-zuerich.ch

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