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A delicious journey through Italy with limited (28) seats: Restaurant 28 Posti (1. April 2022)

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There was no online availability for the evening, so luckily, I was able to call and book a table. The “Tasting Menu (8 courses)” (EUR 85.00) was the dinner of choice which started with three small bites, i.e., “red radish with fennel Greek cream”, “macaroon with anchovies butter” and “deacon with cabbage powder”. And it was a blast to start – luscious, simple, delicious.

The whole menu was a surprise menu, so you wouldn’t really know what you get. The first course was a “soup of vegetables and fruit with fermented carrot and fennel oil” and it was good. Nothing extraordinary but definitely enjoyable.

Next in line was the “cabbage salad with green peas, fermented fennel soup, argan oil and black truffle and radish” which was absolutely great. Smooth, rich, intense.

The “grilled oyster in a soup of fermented bread and laurel oil, lime, lemon and incense” was, surprisingly, quite good. I am not a big fan of oysters, but this one was actually enjoyable.

Next in line were the “ravioli with belly fish marinated in almond milk sauce with Marsala and caviar anchovy” and they were absolutely good. The fact that there was a bit of saltiness due to the anchovy caviar definitely added to the dish.

The skewers were somewhat unexpected in the middle of the meal, but the “fish steak with marinated melon” was quite delicious and somehow a nice break.

While I thought the “focaccia bread with the smoked head of the fish” didn’t sound too appealing when explained, it actually turned out to be a mouth-watering bite.

There is one thing, Italians are fantastic at, and that’s pasta! The “pasta with smoked fish bone with Mediterranean oil and asparagus” looked so tiny but it was exquisite. Perfectly al dente. Rich in flavour and truly enjoyable.

The “Dolma fish with leaves and white asparagus and asparagus oil” was enjoyable as well – interesting combination of flavours, although the fish itself didn’t taste like too much.

The next course was interesting since it was a bit of a DIY course. There was a tasty “focaccia bread” (which was also rather oily when touching it) which went well with the “lamb tartar”. The “lamb skewer” was exquisite too, since it didn’t really taste like lamb which it so often does. Finally, the “skewer of fermented cucumber” kind of finalised the dish properly with a light element.

One of my absolute favourites of that evening were the “spaghetti cooked in fermented pasta water”. It sounds simple, and it sure is, but it was also absolutely incredibly mouth-watering. Wouldn’t have expected that from the description but man, it was great!

The small palate cleanser which was served then was a “shizo sorbet with salt and sorrel oil” which was perfectly refreshing making you want more.

The “bread ice cream with a sugar coat” was really something! I cannot remember that I have tried bread ice cream, so this was definitely something new and enjoyable.

Finally, there was a “vegetable bar with sorrel ice cream” which was an interesting combination. I absolutely love the sorrel ice cream, but it also went well with the vegetable bar. So, perfect ending.

The evening ended with friandises, or more concretely, with “apple with saffron, liquorice; Christmas cubes and herb liquor”.

Of course, what couldn’t be missed is the “double espresso” (EUR 2.00) when you’re in Italy. Let me also say a word or two about the place. The name is “28 posti” which means “28 seats” which really describes the size of the restaurant. It’s rather small and cosy making you fell comfortable but also not really giving you space since the place is so small.

The personnel is super friendly and really tries its best. When it comes to English, there is a little challenge though as not all waiters and waitresses know the dishes in English so you sometimes miss a bit of what you’re eating. However, they are doing their very best, making it a great evening.

The only thing which kind of annoyed me is that they poured the ‘regular’ sparkling water without mentioning the options (since I would have loved to have San Pellegrino already in the beginning). Other than that, I can recommend you to try the 28 Posti. Just make sure to book sufficiently in advance!


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Restaurant 28 Posti

Via Corsico 1

20144 Milano MI (I)

Tel.: +39 02 839 23 77

E-Mail: 28posti@gmail.com

Homepage: http://www.28posti.org

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