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When you’re pushed to leave but they let you in late: Restaurant LùBar (2. April 2022)

| May 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

I have mixed feelings about this place. On the hand, it’s actually a super nice place and the food is quite good. On the other side, they are pushy when it comes to seating times. While I get that since they note it clearly when booking, I would expect them to make sure the table is readily available when you arrive – which it wasn’t! So, asking me to leave when it’s 2pm is kind of okay, but also kind of not since you were the one who let me in too late in the first place!

Other than that, the place is amazing – they have a greenhouse in which you can book a table (would recommend that) and enjoy your food. They are quite quick in serving once you have ordered, but they are also rather slow in taking up your order. For starters, the “arancini fatti in casa (stuffed, fried rice balls from Sicily) with squid ink and lemon” (EUR 9.00) are a great choice. They are truly delicious, and if I may say so, much more than I had expected. The “fried artichokes with sage” (EUR 9.00) were nice too but not remotely as good.

I went for the “paccheri alla norma (paccheri pasta with tomatoes, aubergines, ricotta cheese and basil)” (EUR 16.00) which was a simple yet outstanding dish. The pasta was perfectly al dente as almost always in Italy and the combination of flavours did the trick.

The place is lovely when you enter the patio …

… walk to the entrance (where you might have to wait if your table isn’t ready as it shold be) …

… and you finally walk in …

… to reach the Greenhouse, which is really nice to sit down and enjoy your dishes (if it wasn’t for the pushy waiter).

All in all, the LùBar is worth visiting if you manage to book a table in the Greenhouse – lovely atmosphere and good dishes. Not so sure about the good service though – they are swift and manage to maintain a level of friendliness but not in a way that makes you want to come back.


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Restaurant LùBar

Via Palestro 16

20121 Milano MI (IT)

Tel.: +39 02 8352 7769

E-Mail: info@lubar.it

Homepage: http://www.lubar.it

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