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A Bib Gourmand place which is supposed to also have a 1 Michelin star restaurant: Restaurant Bistro Grundschlag (12. August 2022)

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The Bistro Grundschlag is listed as a Bib Gourmand restaurant in the Guide Michelin. And I’m not sure if I entirely agree. The place is relatively simple and located right next to a tennis club, which makes it, from an atmosphere-perspective, somewhat special. It also seemed like either we were a bit late or the staff was a bit unorganized, but it took them a bit to seat and serve us. Once that had happened, I had ordered the “bread with salted échiré butter” (EUR 1.50) and “herb curd” (EUR 2.50) which was rather average.

The “sardines de Garde 2018 from Brittany with a small salad” (EUR 14.50) were quite tasty. Lovely in terms of taste and with a nice intensity without being overly intense. Good ones, though, for sure.

The “Schwäbisch Hällische pork should with radish salad, radish, and plums” (EUR 14.00) was interesting. I thought I’d give it a try since this was a plate I haven’t had like this – but it turned out to be something like ham, really. So, nothing too exciting in terms of flavour profile.

The “cap of rump with bouillon potatoes and horseradish sauce” (EUR 16.00) was decent. The meat was tender, strained as cap of rump usually is, but good. The broth and the combination of the ingredients in the broth were good – but all in all it was also a rather average dish.

I had ordered “additional wild broccoli” (EUR 4.00) with my cap of rump, since I really love that vegetable. But somehow the waiter wasn’t able to deal with that request, which was a bit annoying since it was only served once I was done with half my main course.

All the dishes were good, no question – considering that the same kitchen delivers one Michelin star in the “Frühsammers” though is a bit surprising. Not saying, they are not capable of this, but given the service experience I have had, it made me seriously question it.

The place is lovely – definitely nice to come visit and enjoy.

Other than that, I’m not too sure I would give it another try.


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Restaurant Bistro Grundschlag

Flinsberger Platz 8

14193 Berlin (DE)

Tel.: +49 30 89 73 86 28

Cell: +49 17 23 00 22 87

Homepage: http://www.fruehsammer.com

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