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A place which goes right into ‘over-rated and over-priced’: Restaurant OVVI (12. October 2022)

| November 17, 2022 | 0 Comments

Talk about hyped! The OVVI is rated 4.7 on Google, so, I decided to give it a try. And I somehow get why, but then again, I don’t. Once you’re seated you’re served “bread and butter” which is quite nice. The butter looks more like a spread, so is a bit misleading, but it was actually quite nice.

I then went for the “Tuna Mango Ceviche (marinated sako tuna with lime and red chilli, served with rice crackers)” (75.00 SAR) which was okay. Definitely too much of that mayo-based dash on top of each of the crackers.

The “Black Angus Tenderloin MS-3 (200gr)” (220.00 SAR) was okay as well. Nothing extraordinary, but fine, enjoyable, and taste-wise decent. What was a bit disappointing was the side dish – as there was none.

I went for the “Fresh Truffle Fries (truffle cream and shaved fresh black truffle, microgreens, Parmesan cheese)” (72.00 SAR) and I should have known better. The fries were stroppy, the sauce is artificial, and the black grated truffle is far from a sensory experience.

The place, the interior, is nice, appealing, lovely even. However, it somehow feels like it’s trying too hard, too. Like, it wants to be hip and fancy so hard, that it kind of fails the purpose – I find.

All in all, the OVVI is a good place – but it’s not even remotely a 4.7. It’s more a 4.0 at best. The place is okay, the service is friendly, the dishes are overpriced, however, not too bad in terms of taste. What makes it a bit hard is the fact that the place is a ‘bit’ remote, i.e., it’s not easy to get an Uber or Careem to pick you up. The place was relatively crowded, so I would highly recommend you to book in advance.


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Restaurant OVVI

6685 طريق الأمير تركي بن عبدالعزيز الأول، المحمدية، الرياض 3058،

12362 Riyadh (KSA)

Tel.: +966 9200 076 38

Homepage: https://www.instagram.com/ovvi_sa/

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