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2. December 2009: Restaurant Churrasco

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The restaurant Churrasco is located between the main station and the Paradeplatz in Zürich. It’s easily reachable by a little walk from either side.

The Churrasco restaurant looks very appealing from the outside as well as from the inside. When you enter the place you’re warmly welcomed and immediatly brought to your table. It has a modern interior design which fits the place quite good.

The menu has a variety of different dishes which look very nice – especially if you like a good piece of meat. But they offer also a few other things but it’s definitely the place to go to have meat.

There is not much to complain about the waiters as they are assisting you within a short period of time and take your order quickly after you sat down and decided.

It doesn’t take long until you actually get the dishes you ordered – the cook seems to be quite efficient.

Churrasco 1

The first dish served were “empanadas” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empanada) which tasted quite good. The astonishing element is though that you’re expecting a bit more than just two empanadas for around CHF 14.50. But, at least it tasted good.

Churrasco 2

As a main course I had a “Bife de Chorizo” (one might wonder what it actually has to do with a Chorizo) which is basically an entrecôte. It says on the menu that it’s supposed to be 180 g but it looks quite tiny on the plate. What is quite interesting too which isn’t clear when you enter the place (because it doesn’t say it on the menu which is placed outside) that the sidedishes have to be ordered and paid separately.

The meat was eatable but not really outstanding, furthermore, I assume (can’t prove it though) that it wasn’t a 180g and thirdly, for the price of around CHF 42.00 (sidedish of two champignons for CHF 6.50 not included in this calculation) I just think what you actually get offered is quite disappointing. Paying CHF 48.50 for a piece of meat which isn’t really good and a sidedish which is ridiculously small is somehow really disappointing.

Personally, although it looks nice and the service is okay, I wouldn’t recommend the place – too expensive and to little performance.


Atmosphere: 3 Stars
Service: 3 Stars
Dishes: 2 Stars
Price-Performance Ratio: 1 Star
Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Contact Details:

Restaurant Churrasco

Glockengasse 9

8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 221 11 44

Fax: +41 44 212 32 35

Homepage: http://www.churrasco.ch

E-Mail: churrasco@tele2.ch

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