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A nice 1-stared Michelin restaurant, but nothing mind-blowing: Restaurant Le Table du Lausanne Palace (11. January 2023)

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When it was decided to visit Le Table du Lausanne Palace, I was excited since the place sounded so fancy. And when you enter, it somewhat is. The view onto Lake Geneva is supposedly lovely (I mean, it was nice, but since it was already dark, you couldn’t really see too much besides the lights on the other edge of the lake). Once you’re seated and even prior to you picking the menu, you’re served a few amuse bouches like the “an egg filled with meat from the Grisons and a zabayonne of Pinot Noir”, a “bouchere” and a “curry and corn tartlet”. And, I must say, the start was definitely a pleasant one!

The next course was a “dampfnudel with compote inside” accompanied by a “leek soup”. The idea was to have a sip of the soup, a bite of the bread (the ‘dampfnudel’), and then dip the bread in the soup. I liked it quite a lot since it had homey and intense flavours.

Next in line were “bread and butter”, which was good.

Finally, it was time to decide what you wanted to eat, and we decided to go for “Four Moments” (CHF 168.00) with the respective “Wine Pairing” (CHF 72.00), which is, price-wise, rather on the reasonable side of things. The first course of the official menu was the “Salmon feuille à feuille from the Grisons” for which I didn’t really have high expectations. However, it turned out to be actually quite pleasant, since the taste was not that of ‘just salmon’, but it was actually quite an interesting wrap of flavours, and the meat from the Grisons, with its saltiness, definitely added to that experience.

Next in line was “the Char from Switzerland, in memory of the Philippines” of which I forgot to take a picture. However, the dish was enjoyable.

Then it was time for the main course, the “Poultry from la Gruyère region with sake, sweet flavour of Swiss miso”, which was something I was a bit surprised to see, since I was not so sure, I would like poultry as a main course, since it often feels a bit too light. However, it turned out that the poultry dish was actually quite enjoyable! The meat of the filet was tender and its coating with the crispy elements definitely added to an interesting experience. Other than that, the whole dish really worked – I must admit, chicken will never be my favourite meat, but it was enjoyable.

The “rice”, which was served on the side, was truly enjoyable. Simple, intense in flavour, but all in all quite good.

Then it was time for dessert – and I decided to go for “the cheese”. Well, I must say that the selection was decent. I actually liked it, but it was not as intense as I had hoped for. There was no red smear or blue cheese, which was a bit of a disappointment. On top of that, they completely forgot to explain what kind of cheeses they had prepared, which is something, which, I find, shouldn’t happen in a restaurant with a Michelin star.

Once you were almost full, it was time for some desserts like the “mini Madeleine”, which were quite lovely.

After that, it was time for “friandises”, which were a nice ending to the evening. A lovely combination from intensely chocolatey to quite refreshing and cold (careful: brain freeze!).

To sum it up, the Le Table du Lausanne Palace is definitely a good place where you can enjoy your evening out. It’s probably more exciting in summer when the days are longer, and you get to see more with an amazing view. Other than that, the place is nice in terms of interior design, but feels a bit cold. The staff is friendly and quite attentive, making sure you get everything you want and need at all times. All in all, I liked the Le Table du Lausanne Palace, but it’s not a place I will immediately go back to.


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Restaurant Le Table du Lausanne Palace

Rue du Grand-Chêne 7-9

1002 Lausanne (CH)

Tel.: +41 21 331 32 15

E-Mail: info@lausanne-palace.ch

Homepage: https://www.lausanne-palace.ch/restaurants-bars/la-table-du-lausanne-palace/le-restaurant/

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