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Decent burger, but not ‘the best in Paris’ Restaurant Père et Fils burger par Alléno (7. March 2023)

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A colleague of mine had been recommended this location, which, apparently, serves the best burgers in Paris. And well, let me put it that way – the burger is decent, but far from ‘the best burger in Paris’. I went for the “Nikita (viande de boeuf race Normande, voile de Cheddar, sauce Savora, bacon croustillant, pickles de concombre)” (EUR 21.00) with “barbecue végétale” sauce (usually EUR 1.00) and a “salad” (EUR 5.00). Now, the fries were actually quite enjoyable. Definitely heavily seasoned, but still quite enjoyable. The salad was – uhm, I don’t know what’s the right word, but good is definitely not the right word.

When it comes to the burger, I do admit, it turned out to be quite good. The meat was cooked medium as requested, the burger ingredients fit together really well, and, ultimately, the buns were quite crispy and interesting. So, the burger is definitely good. I mean, if I was close and felt like having a burger, I would definitely go again. However, ‘the best burger in Paris’ is something different.

The place itself is okay – it’s a burger store, and it shows. It’s nicely decorated, the interior design is functional, and all in all, it’s sufficiently spacious, so you would feel comfortable. When it comes to the service, I must say I was quite taken aback. When we had arrived, we were the only customers – and they just didn’t move for like 5 minutes until I quite visibly waived for them to take up our orders.

All in all, the burgers are good, no question. I just wouldn’t go along with ‘the best burgers in Paris’. If you come to eat after 9pm, I would recommend you to book in advance.


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Restaurant Père et Fils burger par Alléno

53-57 Rue de Grenelle

75007 Paris (F)

Tel.: +33 1 84 74 21 21

E-Mail: reservation@burgerperefils.com

Homepage: https://perefilsparalleno.com

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