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Delicious Lebanese food experience in Saudi Arabia: Restaurant Burj Al Hamam – Takhassusi (14. March 2023)

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The Burj Al Hamam is in an area where I’m quite frequently. Still, somehow I have never paid the place a visit – so far. After the canteen was closed already and we all hadn’t eaten that day around 4pm, we figured, we should go for a decent meal – and it was Burj Al Hamam, which was the chosen destination.

Once you’re seated, you’re served bread and a few pickled vegetables and when you’re starving, this is actually quite perfect.

We started with a bunch of different starters like “fattouch” (32.00 SAR), which is always nice, although I was happy to be the last in line since I am not a big fan of the bread chips on top.

The “moutabbel” (32.00 SAR) was nice and went well with the pomegranate seeds – so definitely quite a lovely dish.

However, my favourite remains “hummus” (29.00 SAR). It is just so good when you get to enjoy freshly made and properly prepared hummus. It just feels so much more like something enjoyable than the stuff you get in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

The “wine leaves” were okay since they are relatively small, so it wasn’t overwhelming in terms of taste. However, it is not really what I would call my most favourite kind of dish.

The “hummus mutammam” (SAR 30.00) was a nice differentiation from the regular hummus I usually get, but was too creamy for my personal gusto (and didn’t taste enough like the regular hummus).

The selection of “grilled halloumi” (SAR 39.00), “beef arayess” (SAR 49.00) and “kebbe bormah” (38.00 SAR) was ultimately almost the perfect portion size to get stuffed. I liked the arayess, but I must say I enjoyed the little sausages more since they are super intense in flavour and, hence, truly enjoyable.

It was yet time for another starter. The “hummus with beef shawarma” (36.00 SAR) was great, but different from any hummus with meat I have had so far. The meat was cut super finely, and not like in other cases, as cubes. And honestly, it was good, but with actual meat cubes, I was a bit happier, since you get something to bite on.

When everybody already felt like ‘I’m full’, the main courses were served. And, honestly, it was just way too much food! Sure, the “Burj al Hamam mixed grill (beef awsal, chicken tawouk, kebab halabi, kebab chicken, lamb cutles)” (148.00 SAR) was a great choice, but man, so much food – almost unbelievable.

And as if this was not enough, we ultimately went for “lamb with rice”. I mean, I definitely liked the lamb – it was great. And it went well with the rice, but it was so much food that it was hard to enjoy it. Despite the fact that it was actually tasty.

And in the very end, someone thought it was a good idea to get some sweets. And man, this stuff is sweet, but tasty!

The place is relatively simple in terms of interior design – nothing exciting, nothing outstanding, but definitely a nice place to sit down and enjoy food over an extended period of time. The service is friendly and attentive, so all in all, the Burj Al Hamam is definitely a good choice for some tasty dishes in a simple, but friendly environment.


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Restaurant Burj Al Hamam – Takhassusi

Al Mutamarat

12711 Riyadh (CH)

Tel.: +966 92 00 084 60

E-Mail: info@burjalhamamksa.com

Homepage: http://www.burjalhamamksa.com

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