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A very decent breakfast, but not a place I’d travel to: Restaurant Hayal @ The St. Regis Downtown Dubai (24. March 2023)

| May 30, 2023 | 0 Comments

My stay at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai was just exquisite. They were super friendly and upgraded me to a Deluxe Suite, and even when I extended the stay by a night, they offered me to do it on the same rate. Frankly, quite amazing service, really! Hence, I was looking forward to breakfast at the Hayal – and I must say, I was satisfied. Not blown away, but satisfied. I love St. Regis breakfasts because you have really everything in every kind of form and way, and it’s just such a luscious selection that you want to spend hours there.

That is not entirely true for the breakfast at Hayal in The St. Regis Downtown. The selection is good, of high quality, and overall enjoyable. However, if we look at the breadth of the offering, then I have definitely seen much more in the past.

All in all, the breakfast selection is relatively standard, i.e., they offer what you get in most places, i.e., a typical European breakfast selection.

What I absolutely liked though was the fact that they offer noodle soup as breakfast. To be fair, it is the same every day, but I found it absolutely nice. It takes a while to prepare (10+ minutes), so it makes sense to order it as the first thing once you walk to the buffet, as else you’re done with everything else, when your soup is served.

The good thing is, there are still a few different ingredients, which allow you to create small variations to the noodle soup.

On top of that, they have their typical egg dishes like ‘ham and cheese omelet’, and they do these quite well without serving you a portion, which can feed a family.

So, all in all, if you stay at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, I can definitely recommend you to have breakfast at Hayal. If you don’t stay here, I’m not sure, I would necessarily come here for the breakfast.


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Restaurant Hayal @ The St. Regis Downtown Dubai

The St. Regis Downtown, Dubai

Marasi Drive

Business Bay

Dubai (UAE)

Tel.: +971 4 512 5588

Homepage: https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/dxbdx-the-st-regis-downtown-dubai/dining/

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