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A well-deserved place on The World’s 50 Best Mena (No. 44): Restaurant Jun’s (26. March 2023)

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I have tried visiting the Jun’s a few times already since it was nominated No. 44 of The World’s 50 Best MENA, but somehow something got in between. So, before flying out at 8.30pm, I decided to visit it at 6pm. Hence, I had, obviously, not too much time to eat, but they made sure everything worked out perfectly.

I went for the “edamame hummus (root vegetable chips, steamed edamame)” (55.00 AED), and while I was expecting something different, it was actually absolutely great. The hummus was more of a cream, but it went incredibly well with the vegetable chips and the few actual edamame beans, which remained. So, definitely a good start.

The “watermelon tartar (compressed watermelon, nori cracker, charred avocado, agua de chile, sesame)” (60.00 AED) was also something, which intrigued me quite a bit. Not only because I really like watermelon, but also because it looked like authentic tuna or beef tartar at a quick glance. Now, it went well with the avocado, and was, all in all, enjoyable. What I didn’t enjoy too much was the fact that the waiter came and asked me if he could mix and prep it, and when I said ‘no, thank you’, it took another waiter literally 30 seconds to come ask the same. I know it is part of the regional culture to be super attentive and to always try to help, and I appreciate that, but man, some privacy and peace while eating would also be really appreciated.

The “Kung Pao broccoli (peanuts, broccoli, Szechuan, peppercorn, tofu)” (70.00 AED) turned out to be quite nice. Frankly, I wouldn’t have needed the tofu since it didn’t add too much to the dish, but the broccoli was quite amazing.

I was very much looking forward to the “soft shell crab and garlic noodles (tempura softshell crab, Chinese egg noodles, scallions, garlic Parmesan emulsion)” (120.00 AED), and I must say I was not disappointed. The soft shell crab was actually delicious and absolutely worth enjoying. The garlic noodles were intense in terms of flavour, but tasty. The only thing I found a tiny bit disappointing was the portion size, since the noodles were very little, which was a pity.

The interior of the Jun’s is nice as well, so it’s definitely worth coming here, and you are good to spend quite a bit of time here, if you want. The food is good, the place is nice, the staff is friendly (with the typical caveat for the region of being overly attentive), and the prices are fair. So, frankly, I get that this place is within the Top 50 of MENA (unlike other places I’ve recently tried in the region).


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Restaurant Jun’s

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd

Downtown Dubai

Dubai (UAE)

Tel.: +971 4 457 60 35

E-Mail: reservations@junsdubai.com

Homepage: http://www.junsdubai.com

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