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21. August 2011: Hotel am See

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The Obazda (EUR 7.90) is rich in taste and gets served with a lot of onions. Overall, a pretty tasty dish. What is even better though is the goat cheese with onions (EUR 8.90). It is pretty much feta cheese with some kind of vinegar and oil mixture – and it’s good. Whati s ridiculous though is the fact that they serve you bread with the dishes but you only get two slices of bread with the obazda and one slice of bread with the goat cheese. If you would want additional slices of bread, you’re charged EUR 0.50 per slice. I mean, come on, seriously?

On the other hand, at least the beer is cheap and good. Tegernsee beer (0,5L) costs only EUR 3.20 which I personally consider pretty fair. Also, generally speaking, the prices for the food are fair too. While the furniture is absolutely simple and not so appealing the location is great as it is located right at the shores of the Starnberger See (Lake Starnberg). The tables are really right next to the water and this just provides the whole location with this feeling of comfortableness.

The waitress is nice and friendly and serves her purpose perfectly. It’s nothing high-sophisticated but that’s also not what you’re expecting there really, so it fits.

Overall, the Hotel am See in Ammerland is a really nice place to have a couple of beers and a small snack during a sunny afternoon right next to the lake – but don’t expect anything really special, because it’s not. Still worth going.


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Hotel am See

Südliche Seestrasse 4

82541 Ammerland (DE)

Tel.: +49 81 77 93 15 0

Fax: +49 81 77 93 15 22

E-Mail: info@hotel-am-see.net

Homepage: http://www.hotel-am-see.net

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