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A truly traditional Catalonian restaurant with modernly interpreted dishes: Restaurant Capet (22. March 2024)

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The Capet is a place you would probably not walk into just like that, especially, since it’s located in a side street, which doesn’t look too appealing. But, as we all know, looks can be deceiving. And while the street to get there was actually nothing nice, the place itself is quite nice. As a little amuse bouche, I got a “potato soup with leek”, which was tasty, but – unfortunately – only lukewarm.

I went for the “chicken croquette with kimchi” (EUR 3.20) as one of the starters, and I must say, it was actually quite delicious. I could easily have eaten two more, but, of course, this wouldn’t have been too smart since it would have filled up the stomach unnecessarily.

The obvious choice was to also go for a typical Catalunian dish, the “Catalan tomato bread (our homemade bread made with sourdough and fermented for 12 hours)” (EUR 4.50), which was, again, good, and in thus far a bit different since it also had salt flakes on the bread.

As a proper starter, I went for the “millefeuille of tubers with squid, fish roe and vinaigrette of its ink” (EUR 22.00), which did not only look interesting, but which was actually exquisite. The potato millefeuille was thinly layered and surprisingly aromatic – and in combination with the fish roe and the squid ink, it had a certain saltiness. And what I liked a lot was the fact that the squid wasn’t chewy at all – so it was a very well-rounded dish.

As a main course, I picked the “ray fish with black butter, capers and roasted black garlic emulsion” (EUR 23.00) and I must say that is something I haven’t had too many times so far, but the ray was actually a delicious fish. I mean, the texture is something you need to get used to, because it’s not your typical light fish texture, but it has a bit of a bite, which is still nice though. In combination with the sauce, it was great. Absolutely loved the dish.

Last but not least, I went for a combination of desserts, the “lemon pie Capet” (EUR 8.50) plus the “salted caramel ice cream” (EUR ?) from another dessert. There was a little issue with the service because, obviously, it’s hard to eat such a dessert without cutlery and for some time, the staff wasn’t to be found. But, it was superbly tasty.

All in all, I really liked the Capet – lovely place, tables are a bit small, but it is still nice in terms of interior. Staff is generally attentive and overall professional, but they could improve the service a slight bit. Still, to me, a great find in the old city of Barcelona.


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Restaurant Capet

Carrer del Cometa 5

Ciutat Vella

08002 Barcelona (E)

Tel.: +34 937 20 44 21

E-Mail: hola@capetrestaurant.com

Homepage: http://www.capetrestaurant.com

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