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A visit to the World’s Best Bar (according to the World’s 50 Best Bars): Sips Drinkery House (22. March 2024)

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Frankly, finding a space here without queueing 60-120 minutes in line seems almost impossible. With the ambition to try something, I booked a slot for 1am that day (respectively the next day) and the good thing is, if you have a reservation, you will skip the queue and be seated even if you are 30′ early!

In any case, the place is rather small, run by Italians (at least it seems like that) and has a very interesting selection of cocktails to offer! I suppose, I can understand why they would consider it No. 1 in the world. Not entirely sure, I would agree, though.

In any case, I decided to try those, which looked interesting like the “Primordial (whiskey escocés de 12 años, ruby port, nashi pear)” (EUR 15.00), which is incredibly funny to drink, because you drink it ‘out of the oldest vase there is’, your hands. Well, technically, not ‘your hands’, but the copy of ‘someone’s hands’. And frankly, that was a first for me. On top of that, the drink was light and actually enjoyable.

Secondly, I went for “Bubble (vodka, passion fruit, vanilla, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles)” (EUR 16.00) – mostly because I had seen how they have served it to other people in the bar. And it comes in three elements – ‘Bubbles full of cinnamon’ with a drink of passion fruit and vanilla below, which was lovely! And then, you get a Champagne on the side (more bubbles!), and last but not least, a bubble blow toy for kids (don’t drink! Play!). So, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, really works. So, frankly, this is a kind of truly innovative drink. Loved it!

And when you see them prepare the drink you see how they do the bubbles with a kind of ‘bubble pistol’ on top of the small bowl, which has the main drink.

Last but not least, I decided to try the “Metate Margarita (tequila curado, ancho reyes chili, lime, cocoa)” (EUR 15.00), which had an interesting coating at the top rim of ancho reyes chili, which is a bit unusual, but if you licked it properly before you took a sip, you would have a good combination of spicy with the drink respectively with every sip.

The bar is – I suppose also due to its space – buzzing, and all in all quite nice. But yes, you need to be noise resistant as the place is somewhat also quite noisy and loud.

However, if you manage to get a spot at the No. 1 of the World’s 50 Best Bars, then it’s worth paying a visit because they really do have surprising drinks. Pro tip, if you don’t want to go soooo late in the night, book early!


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Sips Drinkery House

Carrer de Muntaner 108


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Homepage: https://sips.barcelona/drinkery-house/

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