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19. December 2009: Restaurant La Mansión – The Mexican Steakhouse

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La Mansión – The Mexican Steakhouse is situated in the Zona Hotelera of Cancún right across the street of the Vips (see entry on 18. December 2009). It looks nice from the outside already although a bit too much American in my opinion.

When you enter the place, the picture definitely changes right away. You can find nicely decorated tables with a lot of space around and still, it makes you feel cozy. The atmosphere is further enhanced by the wine bottles being all around.

The waiters – and there are quite a few of them – welcome you warmly and friendly. Within minutes your drink order is taken and you’re being brought the menu. If you have difficulties deciding what to eat which is easily possible as the choice is quite large, you’re being helped after a few minutes. One of the waiters brings you a little wagon with the special plates they’re offering which are not on the menu and you’re free to chose from them too.

Another option is that you tell the waiter from which kind of meat you want to have some and then he’ll roll in the whole piece of meat and you can just decide how much of it you want to eat.

The main waiter takes special care of every guest and is always kind of supervising the other waiters. He’s also competent when it comes to the choice of wine and they’re offering quite some good bottles in the restaurant. A bit disappointing is the fact that they’re kind of “advertising” with the wines but in the end only offer around 30 to maybe 40 different bottles of wine.

After placing your order you’re being served some fresh bread with different sauces to put on the bread – a novelty to me in Mexico! But a very pleasant one.

As a starter I had “empanadas with beef” which were quite okay but became extraordinarily tasty when putting some special herb-wine-olive-oil-sauce on it! Looking at the picture I took: decoration could be improved, otherwise: no complaints!

The main dish was a very special experience itself: I had 450 gr beef filet with 4 king prawns. The king prawns are prepared right in front of your eyes at your table by a waiter which takes him about 5 to 10 minutes (I didn’t really count the minutes). It’s quite cool to look at, especially when the final round with the Tequilla comes and everything is finished with a huge flame (I know: cheap effect, but it worked).

The timing is perfect: Shortly before the king prawns are done, the waiter calls another waiter which then appears with the meat and the dish is prepared to its final version right in front of your eyes. And it looks really tasty when you’re having it in front of you.

The meal was absolutely great: The meat was extremly tender, the prawns perfectly done and very tasty as well. Well, the side dish (I had salad, but didn’t really touch it) could be improved, but honestly speaking, if you have a main meal like this in front of you, why bothering about a side dish anyway?

Astonishingly enough that they offered wine, I even got a real Italian coffee (or at least a version which was quite close to it) and found – I couldn’t believe it – Grappa (not the best one I ever had, but quite acceptable and you definitely need a digestivo after having eaten that much).

The most amazing part is basically the price: Two starters, two main courses, 1 bottle of red wine, 3 times mineral water by the bottle, coffee and grappa costed 1728 MEX (equalling about CHF 145) which might be expensive for Mexico but I consider quite a decent price for what you get there!

La Mansión is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for great service, nice atmosphere, some good wine and a supertasty (and big) piece of real good meat! Although the rating (if calculated mathematically would equal 4.5, I’d definitely give it a 5 (because the food, service and experience is just awesome)!

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Restaurante La Mansión – The Mexican Steakhouse

Blvd. Kukulcán Km. 9 Lote 9

Zona Hotelera

77500 Cancún (Quintana Roo) (MEX)

Tel.: +52 (99) 88 83 23 04

Tel. 2: +52 (99) 88 83 19 15

E-Mail: mansioncancun@imcmex.com

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