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3. January 2010: Restaurant Ihop DiscosOtras

| January 7, 2010 | 0 Comments

The restaurant Ihop is located about 20 kilometers outside of Querétaro and easily accessible by car by driving about 15 minutes. It’s a bit difficult to actually find it but once you’ve found it, you’ll see quite a lot of people queueing up in front of it.

If you want to take it on you and wait for at least 15 minutes, you have to go inside and place your name with the entry waiter which calls you when the amount of seats you’re looking for gets free.

Once inside, the interior design reminds you of a trashy American food chain. The waiters are nice but just do their job and not much more either. Well, okay, there’s not much more to do, so you can’t blaim them for that, I suppose. I must admit though, filling up coffee over and over again was reliably executed at all times.

The menu offers quite some possibilities if you’re looking for a large and filling breakfast but you won’t find too much healthy food on the menu.

The orders have been taken quickly and efficiently, the food was brought within reasonable time after the order. The only disappointing thing was that I haven’t been brought the dish I ordered.

The dish was rich, but mainly the meat was good, the corn wasn’t really cooked but the rest was okay. Eatable, but that’s it.

Once more really good though is the price, the cost for four people having eaten more than enough is just CHF 65.00 … very nice, I’d say.

All in all, the Ihop is a place where you want to go to get stuffed on a lazy sunday morning in order to get some breakfast. The dishes are okay and the prices are low, the waiters are okay and the atmosphere is basically missing, but it’s not really needed, either.

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Restaurant Ihop Juriquilla DiscosOtras

Blvd. de la ciencias No. 200-A

Street Mall Juriquilla

Querétaro (Quintana Roo, MEX)

Homepage: http://www.ihop.com

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