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11. March 2012: Restaurant Le L’Acustre

| March 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

At first it looked like a touristic place, then again the food was pretty good, and we were back in a touristic place. Short summary: Do not go there unless you pretty much have to!

The Restaurant L’Acustre is located close to the Lake Geneva and pretty much the only restaurant which is open on a Sunday afternoon and actually serves dishes (most make a break during the afternoon from around 2pm to 6pm – we tried about 7 different ones until we ended up at this place which was the only one open). It looks very touristic but not that shabby but okay in decoration and the view onto the lake makes it quite acceptable – well, given it is the only place being open around that time of the day, no wonder.

Then again, the waiter took his time but finally managed to take our order. We were brought bread and a little bowl for olive oil (which was quite good). And then, the waiting begun and it went on and on and on and on. After about 40 minutes we finally got our pizzas.

I went for a Pizza Salami (mozzarrella, tomatoes, gorgonzola, oregano) which accounted for CHF 25.50. The pizza was quite large, was quite tasty, the gorgonzola was barely there though but overall, the pizza was okay.

Finally, it was about time to pay the bill, so we asked the waiter to bring us the bill which he did (but of course took his time). As we were a group of people we wanted to split the bill in two (one paying cash, one paying by card). The waiter got furious when we asked and rushed off to the cashier, was complaining in Italian about us, got back and said “it is not possible”. Suuure … well, to sum it up, we paid by card, left and will never get back again! Well done, my friend!


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Restaurant L’Acustre

Quai Général-Guisan 5

1204 Geneva (CH)

Tel.: +41 22 317 40 00

Fax: +41 22 317 40 01

E-Mail: lacustre@molino.ch

Homepage: http://www.molino.ch

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