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7. April 2012: Restaurant L’Arc

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I went to the Restaurant L’Arc due to a recommendation of a friend of mine and I must say, it was a good recommendation although there are a few flaws overall. To start with, there is a reason why the restaurant is called L’Arc – because it is located right next to the L’Arc de Triomphe. You can actually see the L’Arc de Triomphe from your dining table if you book early enough in advance. While it is nice during daylight …

… the view is even nicer when it gets dark outside.

Talking about the atmosphere, the place is also very nicely decorated inside, the tables are nice, the decoration is very appealing. When we are into “decoration” – the waitresses in the Restaurant L’Arc are definitely good looking. Assumingly it is their side job while trying to establish themselves as a model. They all look like models and they serve like models – no passion for service, no attention with regards to the refill of glasses. To sum it up with regards to the service: Looking great, serving poorly.

As a starter I had “the cooked tuna topping a sashimi tuna, light fresh cream cheese sauce, red meat radish (sweet)” accounting for EUR 24.00. The combination of the cooked tuna together with the sashimi tuna topping and the read meat radish was quite interesting and definitely surprising in taste – smooth, great taste.

As a main course I decided to go for “the knife-cut “black angus” beef tartar, meaux mustard and waffle potatoes” (EUR 28.00). The beef tartar was definitely very fine and tasty. Not outstanding but prepared and tasty on a very high level.

For desert I had “flambée of crêpes suzette with grand marnier liqueur and vanilla ice cream” (EUR 13.00). The preparation looked nice as it was flamed right in front of us at the table and as it got darker and darker during the evening and they did not put on any additional lights, it looked quite impressive. Unfortunately, the alcohol did not burn that good so the whole desert had quite a boozy taste. But besides that the crêpes with the vanilla ice cream were tasty.

Overall, the dishes are prepared on a high level and are definitely good but they are not outstanding. The place is very nice and offers a great view to the L’Arc de Triomphe and the waitresses / models help to improve that atmosphere. The food is definitely good but is also quite costly but overall (including the atmosphere) the prices are okay.

Personally, the Restaurant L’Arc is definitely a place you should go once as it is beautiful, offers a great view, provides good food with very pretty model-waitresses but is also a bit costly and is somehow one of these experiences which are to be experienced once and not more often.


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Restaurant L’Arc

Rue de Presbourg 12

75016 Paris (F)

Tel.: +33 1 45 00 78 70

Fax: +33 1 45 00 78 71

E-Mail: contact@larc-paris.com

Homepage: http://www.larc-paris.com

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