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9. April 2012: Restaurant Le Consulat

| April 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

While in Paris and while close to the artsy part of Paris (Montmartre) we decided we should also try something typical French so we looked for a place which offered “Moules et Frittes” which we found – the Restaurant Le Consulat.

So, obviously, we went for “Moules et Frittes” (EUR 11.90). The moules (mussles) were good but I must admit I have had better. Especially the white wine brew in which they usually come (at least to my humble experience) was kind of lacking in intensity and taste. The French fries (les Frittes) were okay but not really crispy enough for my personal taste. Overall, the main dish was good, fair in price but not outstanding or extraordinary.

In order to complete the picture I decided to have crêpe à la crême de marrons (EUR 6.00). Maybe it is because I love the taste of marzipan but I must say, the crêpes with the crême de marrons were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Loved, loved, loved it!

Price-wise, the desert was also quite fair and also the price for a double espresso (EUR 4.60) is quite fair. Only the prices for beer are quite heavy (0,5L St. Omer accounting for EUR 9.20). The beer hits the roof but the rest is quite fair in price – especially for being in a very touristic area.

The interior is nice, it is small, cozy and oldish but with the appropriate amount of cleaniness and the waiters and waitresses are friendly and welcoming.

The service is okay, fine for such a place, nothing to complain. Overall, I can say it is absolutely okay to drop by the Restaurant Le Consulat while being close to Montmartre: food is good, prices are fair, service is friendly and nice, and the atmosphere is warm and cozy.


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Restaurant Le Consulat

Rue Norvins 18

75018 Paris (F)

Tel.: +33 1 46 06 50 63

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