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9. April 2012: Restaurant Le Sud

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We were welcomed with a little present from the kitchen – olives and almonds. The olives were good, the almonds were like regular almonds but were somehow surprising as a welcome from the kitchen also because they were so plainly just almonds.

After placing the order, we were served bread – and it was delicious. The bread was fresh, warm and had olives in it – so damn tasty.

I decided to go for the Menu Provence (EUR 24.50 for starter and main course) – as a starter I had “filets de sardines marinés avec salade de fenouil”. The sardines were tasty but were only very good together with the fennel salad. Although they needed some salt as otherwise they were a bit dull in taste.

As a main course I had a “pavé de saumon, riz camarguais sauce anisée”. The salmon was grilled crispy and very tasty, the rice was great. It was somehow oily but not and it was chewy but not and it had a great taste. I cannot really (as you may have figured) put my finger on it but it was very tasty. Looking at the price for both courses one must say it is quite okay – when you look at the rest of the menu though the prices are a bit higher on average (accounting for about 30 EUR per main course).

The atmosphere in the Restaurant Le Sud is quite nice. At first it looks a bit touristic and somehow cheap but the decoration is nicely planned so everything provides you with the feeling as if you are somewhere in the actual Provence – the colours are held in a light orange and yellow, the decoration is like you are sitting outside in a patio and even the background music are the sounds of birds and insects.

The waiter was friendly, partially attentive. He did his job the way it had to be done but without any passion or dedication really. Still, good waiter, friendly, serving his purpose.

Overall, the Restaurant Le Sud looks worse at first than it is. The food is okay, the prices too, the waiter is okay and the atmosphere too. Nothing outstanding or special but a safe and sound recommendation for a meal. Been there, done that, will not go again.


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Restaurant Le Sud

Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr 91

75017 Paris (F)

Tel.: +33 1 45 74 02 77

Fax: +33 1 45 74 35 36

Homepage: http://www.le-sud-restaurant.com

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