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11. May 2012: Restaurant L’Ultime Atome

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The “roasted goat cheese salad with accacia honey and Corinth raisins” (EUR 10.00) was a bit of a disappointment. I expected goat cheese with a hard crust and very fine inner parts – but the whole thing was more like a mozzarrella which is fine but it was pretty much missing any taste. The accacia honey was put very economically. The Corinth raisins gave the dish a little bit of a special edge (in a positive way) but the rest was just plain boring.

The main course was so-so – the grilled steak which I had ordered medium-rare was very far from medium rare (but we had to wait so long I decided to eat it anyway as I was starving that night). The meat itself would have been fine but it was just overcooked. The green pepper sauce on the other hand was very good – very taste-intense and rich. The dish, together with …

… French fries which were quite okay costs EUR 14.00.

To the food we had a bottle of Dolcetta d’Alba “Madonna di Como” DOC from the Piemont (EUR 29.00) which was quite okay in price and taste but definitely nothing special or outstanding/extraordinary. Other than that the prices are quite okay, a double espresso costs only EUR 3.70.

There are a few shortfalls though in the Restaurant L’Ultime Atome – the place is very, very crowded and it is pretty large. I mean, the interior is quite okay, nothing special but fine, but with the size comes another problem: the serivce. The waitress was limitedly friendly and very limitedly smart – she did not realize that one would maybe already like to order something to drink before ordering the dishes. Plus, it took her ages to bring anything to our table – not mattering if it was a glass of beer or a dish. It took equally long.

Overall, the Restaurant L’Ultime Atome is theoretically a nice place but to be honest it definitely did not fit my personal gusto – the food was not good enough, the place is too crowded and the service is just plain bad. So, you can have a beer outside in the sun – but you should not have more there.


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Restaurant L’Ultime Atome

Rue Saint-Boniface 14 / Sint-Bonifasiusstraat 14

1050 Brussels (BE)

Tel.: +32 25 11 13 67

Homepage: http://www.ultime-atome.com

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