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7. July 2012: Ristorante L’invincibile

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“What if Cristiano chooses for you?” is the name of the Gourmet menu (EUR 50.00) which is offered in the Ristorante L’invincibile. And believe me, Cristiano’s choice is a good one!

Starting with a surprise from the kitchen (a dumpling on mint and pea purree) the evening was already on a good track. The combination of the very settled peas’ taste and the mint mixed together balanced off by the dumpling was quite good.

Bread (EUR 1.00) was served and well, it would not have been necessary – not only because there were 9 more courses to come, it was also not the best bread to be honest.

After the great start the disappointment of the evening was served: a fried mozzarrella sandwich with anchovies on the mint purree. While the idea of the fried mozzarrella sandwich was very tempting the announcement that there was the taste of anchovies to be found ruined it because it was so subtle that you really did not taste it but had to go look for it. Still, it fit well with the mint purree. My suggestion to Cristiano is to put either a bit more anchovies in so you can actually at least in a very fine way taste the anchovies or then to make sure the service does not announce the anchovies when the dish is served.

After the mozzarrella sandwich it better again – and even better later. But first things first. The next course was a “Squid with potatoes-salad with crunchy spinach leaves”. The taste of the squid with the potatoes was very light, refreshing, the squid was perfectly tender and the crunchy spinach leaves just provided it with this little something special.

After the pulpo, a “fried zucchini flower stuffed with ricotta and avocado” was served with carrot cream. The fried zucchini flower was tasty, the stuffing aromatic but the best part was actually – as simple as it sounds – the carrot cream. The carrots shortly turned in butter with onions and then blended to a cream – yummy!!

The first “primo piatto” was the “Tonarrelli with peccorino, pepper, and zucchini flower”. Tonarrelli is some kind of quadratic spaghetti and it was cooked perfectly al dente and the mixture of peccorino with pepper just made it absolutely delicious. The zucchini flower looked nice but was more a decoration thing than having an actual taste effect.

My personal highlight of the evening was the “Tortello stuffed with pheasant, vegetable cream and bacon”. The tortello was al dente as it should be, the vegetable cream was great, the parmesan splitter and the bacon was good. If you managed to put some bacon, some tortello, some parmesan and some vegetable cream on your fork and put it in your mouth it was a very intense explosion of different tastes which perfectly fit together and provided your mouth nevers with a firework of taste.

After the second primo the secondi arrived – a “Strudel stuffed with lamb, potatoes made in saffron, peas and beans”. The strudel was good but very heavy, the potatoes were outstanding and the peas and beans were there too.

The second “secondo” was “fried codfish with cos lettuce and Greek olives”. While the codfish was very dry to its way of preparation, the cos lettuce was juicy and had a mouthwatering effect – when you combined the two the dish was pretty good. The single components were disappointing but together it was definitely a good idea.

After about 3,5 hours the seventh course was passé. So the kitchen tried to relax the stomach with a “crema di latte con porfumo di bassilico” (Milk cream with basil taste) – and it was absolutely delicious. The taste of basil was very subtle, absolutely great. It was the kick-off to the desert.

For desert, a mixture of three kinds of chocolate was served “Chocolata fondente, chocolata latte e chocolata bianco con mousse e ciliegio” (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate with cherries). The chocolate desert was very good, especially the white chocolate with cherries but it was too much chocolate for me.

The waitress was extremly friendly and nice – one waiter was a bit slow (having to wait for a new bottle of water for 10 minutes) – and also very helpful. When I forgot to take a picture of the Tortello, she gladly passed my wish to get another one to the kitchen – and I got it. They do not believe in elements like filling your glass, you have to do that by yourself, but the service is generally speaking attentive, amusing, and very friendly and helpful.

The interior is simple but nice – it is not like in a fancy shishi restaurant but much more like when you come home and go to the large dining area.

The prices are more than fair – the menu could easily cost double in any other place. The wine selection is good as there are not really world-famous wines on the menu but a few from each region (mainly from Italy) and while they had run out of the first one, I took a bottle of “Rossobastardo” (EUR 18.00) which was very delicate but was missing its length to some degree. Coffee and liquor (double espresso and a grappa) accounted for EUR 5.00 together.

The Ristorante L’invincibile is worth going – Cristiano, the chef does a great job, the place is very nice, the waitresses and waiters are friendly and mostly know what they do. The prices are more than fair. You should not expect a high-fly fancy place – it is rather like coming home and everything is prepared with love, in high quality and just tastes delicious. That is why you should go and eat at the Ristorante L’invincibile (and book a table in advance).


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Ristorante L’invincibile

via degli Stefaneschi 3/5/7

00153 Rome (IT)

Tel.: +39 06 68 89 29 25

Cell: +39 38 90 38 24 43

E-Mail: linvincibile.trastevere@gmail.com

Homepage: http://www.ristorantelinvincibile.com

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