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11. July 2012: Restaurant El Tarascón

| July 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

The empanada de carne (EUR 3.00 per piece) had a tasty stuffing but the dough was pretty thick and heavy. The second starter was definitely better …

… the Morcilla (EUR 3.20; South American blood sausage) was very aromatic, had an intensive flavour and the grilled skin of the sausage made it a very round and smooth dish.

The reason why you go to the El Tarascón is the “Lomo – El Tarascón” (EUR 26.50 for 300gr) – the beef filet was very tender and as it had a chargoal taste but it could have been more intense. Still, the meat is good and it is prepared very refined.

The side dish “Espinaca” (spinach; EUR 3.90) complements the main dish very well – prepared with onions, it has this intense flavour of steemed spinach.

The bread sour cream spread and chimichurri account for EUR 0.70. The sour cream spread is very boring and tastes like nothing, the chimichurri is good and quite spicy – and it can also be used as a sauce for the meat.

The prices for the dishes are quite fair as well as for the drinks. A bottle of Luigi Bosca, Malbec Reserva accounts for EUR 32.00 which is a fair price for this wine – good but not outstanding.

While the service is quite friendly it is also quite slow. Between the starter and the main course we had to wait one full hour which is definitely too long. It was not so much of a problem because we were a group of seven so you had the chance to talk and make time go by but it is still way too long. The restaurant is located in the cellar and is, therfore, pretty dark and the interior is simple but nice. If you book a table in advance (which is highly recommendable as the place is apparently fully booked every night) you should make clear that you do not want a “round table” as it is pretty cramped there.

To sum it up the food at the Restaurant El Tarascón is definitely good, the prices are fair, the place is okay and the service friendly (but way too slow). Still, make sure you book a table in advance.


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Restaurant El Tarascón

Clemens-August-Strasse 2-4

53115 Bonn (DE)

Tel.: +49 228 65 87 27

E-Mail: el_tarascon@yahoo.de

Homepage: http://www.el-tarascon.de

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