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19. July 2012: Restaurant Früh am Dom

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The “Kölscher Teller” which consists of liver sausage, black pudding, bacon, Dutch cheese and potato salad and is served with a rye bread roll, black bread and butter (EUR 10.50) is a typical dish for Cologne. The liver sausage is tasty, the bacon is extremly crunchy (too crunchy, it almost broke my tooth) and the Dutch cheese is pretty regular as well as the black pudding. The potato salad absolutely average in taste.

The “Kölsches Bitok” on the other hand is pretty good – it is basically a meat ball which was not grilled entirely (although they call it “fried tatar with cream cheese”) and it is served with bacon and mixed salad (EUR 13.30). Well, heavy, typically for Cologne, and that was already it. There is not more to say about that.

The place is traditional, heavy interior, lots of wood, large tables, lots of people, and due to its vicinity full of tourists. The Kölsch is cheap (EUR 1.80) but nothing special in taste. The “Köbes” was way too friendly for a traditional “Köbes” (the people who walk around with the beer and keep you drinking and they are supposed to be pretty rude and offensive). Which was actually quite nice to be honest.

The prices are quite okay but you can figure easily they are above average due to the fact that you located in the city center where you can find a lot of touristic places. It is still not bad to actually go there.


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Restaurant Früh am Dom

Am Hof 12-18

50667 Cologne (DE)

Tel.: +49 221 26 13 215

Fax: +49 221 26 13 299

E-Mail: gastronomie@frueh.de

Homepage: http://www.frueh.de

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