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21. July 2012: Restaurant Wackes Weinstube

| July 29, 2012 | 2 Comments

Authentic and original – that is what the Restaurant Wackes Weinstube is. The place is named after its owner and he makes clear to everyone that he is the owner. But more about that later. We decided to have the menu with four courses (EUR 54.00 per person).

As an Amuse Bouche, we got a Tarte Flambee with two different toppings – bacon and onions and mushrooms on the other side. It was thin, crispy, and the toppings were tasty.

The starter was a nice surprise already – “grilled watermelon, a pine nut bisque, salad and sheep’ cheese”. The salad was fresh and in combination with the sheep’s cheese and the pine nut bisque which was sweet, it was a very interesting combination of different tastes. The grilled watermelon was good too – sweet but not having the consistency of usual watermelon.

After an interesting start, it went on with “beef filet stripes, grapefruit, dried capers and mustard spots”. The beef was delicious and the combination of the bitterness of the grapefruit and the crunchiness of the caper provided it with this little extra you wish for when you are looking for exquisite food.

The main course was delicious too: “veal chop with lemon potatoe mash, sautéed Romana salad hearts, and Sauce Tranché”. While the meat was tender and definitely good, the one thing which was truly amazing in this dish were the sautéed Romana salad hearts – I cannot describe the taste but it was mouthwatering!

For desert we all got two sorts of icecream and some kind of lemon tarte. The desert was definitely okay, nothing to complain here but on the menu you have had the choice between sweet and cheese – but we were never asked!

While the interior is pretty original from the Alsatia, the owner is so too. He behaves as he does not really like to serve you – and shows up on a very infrequent basis which is pretty much random. So you eventually have to wait quite a bit before you actually get to order a new bottle of water of wine. The house wine (red) is pretty okay btw.

Simply said, the food at the Wackes Weinstube is great – it has surprising elements, very delicious moments and is generally prepared on a high level! The interior is average and darkish but nice. The prices are pretty fair I would say and the service is – let us say – interesting. Reservation is needed though in any case. If you know French – that helps for sure with regards to the service. Just saying.


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Restaurant Wackes Weinstube

Benesisstrasse 59

50672 Cologne (DE)

Tel.: +49 221 257 34 56

Fax: +49 22 04 91 92 98

E-Mail: reservierung@wackes-weinstube.de

Homepage: http://www.wackes-weinstube.de

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2 Comments on "21. July 2012: Restaurant Wackes Weinstube"

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  1. Emma Tameside says:

    All those dishes look amazing. I’m traditionally a huge fan of homely food like the Amuse Bouche, rather than the finer dining experience of little dainty dishes, but when I went to Cologne last year I found myself really enjoying the approach of showcasing taste in little works of art. For example, your beef filet stripes look just mouthwatering with the mustard (I can taste it as I’m typing!!) We went to enjoy the Cologne Christmas markets but since we were there for a week, we also had the pleasure of visiting a number of other restaurants. I’ll admit I was expecting very german food like sausages, cabbage and lots of potatoes, but the variety just blew us away. I would go as far as to the say that France has lost it’s crown with regards to fine dining!

    Just out of curiosity – you’ve given this place 3 stars for service, but you said it felt like the staff didn’t want to serve you and disappeared for ages. That’s very generous of you; what is your idea of 2 or 1 star service?

  2. Sven says:

    Hi Emma,

    thanks for your comment on my review – highly appreciated.

    Your question is legitimate … the service that evening was generally okay, they were not exactly unfriendly or made any mistakes in service (like forgetting an order or the like) but they were just somehow not able to provide you this comfortable feeling of being welcome as a guest.

    A 1 star service was for example this: http://www.thediningexperience.org/?p=7694 or this (although just one waitress as you can see from the description) http://www.thediningexperience.org/?p=7550 / a 2 star service this: http://www.thediningexperience.org/?p=7639

    Hope to read you around :)

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