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7. August 2012: Restaurant Der Weinkommissar

| August 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

I have been to Der Weinkommissar a few days ago and nothing much has changed since then – besides the service which got even worse! The “Fattoria plate” (Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months, biologically produced, prosciutto di parma, fennel salami, fad cheese, pickled tomatoes and olives, aceto balsacimo) for EUR 11.00 is still absolutely tasty. There were not exactly the same things on the plate but all was very tasty still.

Exactly the same applies for the “Small cheese platter” (hand-made cheese produced by small cheese dairies for gourmet restaurants – 5 different kinds of cheese) for EUR 8.50. The selection of cheese was very good and the cheeses themselves were very tasty too.

With regards to the atmosphere, there is nothing to say – still very nice and nicely furnished. With regards to the service – it was just a joke! She was not only not realizing that we were there. Once she did (after like 15 minutes) she brought us the one (!) menu for five people. We later found out the reason was that the sky looked cloudy and she was afraid of the menus getting wet. Well, so much to that. When she finally came again to pick up the order she interrupted us after three minutes saying she needed something to write. She was then gone for like 10 minutes coming back with parts of the drinks we had ordered … and took up the rest of the order which again took her ages to serve. When we ordered the bill it took her 15 minutes again. Honestly, service failed!

Besides the really crappy service, the place is definitely worth going!


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Restaurant Der Weinkommissar

Friedrichstrasse 20

53111 Bonn (DE)

Tel.: +49 228 965 00 65

Fax: +49 228 913 54 73

E-Mail: wein@weinkommissar.de

Homepage: http://www.weinkommissar.de

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