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19. August 2012: Restaurant Ka-Loc

| August 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

For a change I decided to have some Chinese food while in Mexico – and it was not such a bad decision after all. The restaurant offers some “Chinese packages” which each include a large number of different dishes. I decided to go for “Paquete No. 4” (119 MXN) which included some kind of weird bread, limes, spicy sauce as well as …

… “sope de mariscos” (seafood soup; 20 MXN for an additional soup without the package) which was pretty boring.

The “Arroz frito con camarón” (fried rice with shrimps) was very rich in turn.

The plate with “rollo primavera” (spring rolls), “costilla al horno” (spare ribs), and “camarón rebozado” (shrimp sticks) was pretty average. The spare ribs were great but the spring roll and the shrimp stick were just heavily greasy.

Then again, the “Soy Sprouts” were quite tasty and refreshing.

Really outstanding was the “calamar con verdura” – the vegetable was rich and tasted really good. And the small Calamari hidden in the vegetables just made the dish round.

In addition to that, a “Chop Suey de Pescado” was served (unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture) which was absolutely refreshing and good.

To finalize the dish, tea was served …

… accompanied by cookies.

Overall, the food ranged from quite good to below average – but on the other hand, the service was pretty good (Alfredo was our waiter) and he was very friendly and extremly helpful. The place itself is definitely nothing nice – a very simple location where even the table was still dirty when we sat down (but to be fair, Alfredo cleaned it within seconds after we sat down). The prices are absolutely moderate – you can absolutely feed four people with three packages – and there will still be food left (even if all of them are good eaters). And a Limonada Natural only accounts for 21 MXN.

To sum it up, if you are up for Chinese food for a change it is okay to go to the Restaurant Ka-Loc – the service is good, the food is fine on average, the prices are pretty low – but the place is shabby.


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Restaurant Ka-Loc

Retorno 17 de Fray Servando Teresa de Mier No. 1, Local A.C.P.

Colonia Jardin Balbuena

15900 Mexico City (MEX)

Tel.: +52 55 57 85 91 37

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