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11. October 2012: Restaurant VLET

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My expectations were quite high – and for once they were not only fulfilled but I was actually positively surprised by what I experienced. After placing the order, bread was brought to the table – three kinds: pumpkin and pear bread, cabbage with caraway and potato bread. The bread was good, no question but what was truly outstanding was the selection of butter: buffalo milk butter, goat milk butter and finally regular cow milk butter. The buffalo milk butter has its distinct taste – mouth-watering.

The journey continued and after an easy boarding the rolling out onto the fields with an Amuse Bouche of “Mountain buffalo ham with fig mousse” was very smooth – nice surprise to actually start.

Take-off was even better – the flight began. I went for something local (or at least it looked very local to me on the menu): “Zegenmilk und Flaschenappel II” (with goat cream cheese, air, butter milk, pumpkin rusk, pumpkin seed oil, cubes and the smell of sauna; EUR 15.00). Yeah, you read it absolutely correctly – the smell of sauna! Okay, that was not to eat but it was much more for the effect – and it really smelled like in the sauna – so very surprising and entertaining! The dish itself was definitely good – nothing to complain here but it did not really leave a long-time impression – the sauna-thing did.

As – surprisingly enough – I have not had tatar in quite a while, I decided to give go for something as simple as a “Beef tatar “VLET style”, prepared at your table, with fried potatoes” (EUR 25.00). The preparation was already a highlight as you were able to choose to which degree you wanted it to be spicy, which additional ingredients to be put in.

And she did her job perfectly! The tatar was exactly to my taste with regards to the combination of additional ingredients and spices. But it was also one of the smoothest tatar I have ever had. It was almost as if it was liquid (which it was not, of course). And so flavoury!

Even the fried potatoes were good – but for my personal taste they had too much salt. Which was somehow balancing to the tatar but they were too salty.

To finish off a nice meal, I went for what I usually always go: “A regional cheese selection (Pirschbachbrie, Buffalino, Salitzer Sheep Camembert and Blauer Künstler) with black walnut, VLET mustard (fig, apple, pear, paprica-chili), old apple gelees, hazelnut bread, pumpkin broche and pickled figs” (EUR 12.50).

The cheese selection (you are allowed to pick about 3 to 4 from around 12 different ones) was definitely good – especially the Blauer Künstler (a blue cheese) was delicious. The idea of using old apple sorts to make gelees (produced by one of their employees, her name is Marge) is great just as a thought – but they were also truly mouth-watering and went very well with the cheese!

Last but not least, a nice selection of chocolates was served – I must admit, I did not manage to try any but they looked very yummy!

The VLET offers great dishes – new, innovative, traditional on the other side and with nice special effects (like the smell of sauna). Amazingly, the dishes are not even expensive for what you get. The service is very professional, always helping, always being there when needed without being intruding at all. Definitely a good service level and friendly personnel. In addition to that all, the VLET is located in an old port hall or cellar (on the first floor though) which has high ceilings, is very nicely and neatly decorated and furnished – great! The only problem is the level of noise – it is definitely too much, so probably not the right place to go for a first date where you would still want to talk to her.

If you are in Hamburg you must try the Restaurant VLET: Very good food, fair price performance ratio, very nice atmopshere and good service! Make sure to book your table early enough!


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Restaurant VLET

Am Sandtorkai 23/24

20457 Hamburg (DE)

Tel.: +49 40 33 47 53 750

E-Mail: info@vlet.de

Homepage: http://www.vlet.de

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