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Lovely place like in an old pharmacy: Restaurant Bar Tabaré (14. October 2017)

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We arrived rather early to the Bar Tabaré (around 7:30pm) and it was absolutely empty. So we were wondering a bit how these restaurants can survive. As it turned out later, around one hour later to be precise, the restaurant filled up quite a lot – at 8:30pm, it was completely packed. We started with a drink and I decided to go for something local, the “Chirimoya Sour (Chirimoya, Ron, Jugo de Limón y Angostura)” (220 UYU). Not really knowing what chirimoya is (until now), I must say, it tasted good.

As a main course, as I couldn’t stomach a starter after the rather intense lunch at the Mercado del Puerto, I went for the “Filet de lomo” (550 UYU) which I had ordered medium-rare. After the first bite, I was a bit stunned as the filet was not even remotely medium-rare but rather well-done. After cutting it in half, it turned out, that it was prepared medium and in combination with the juice of the meat, it was a very tasty piece of meat and the fries were actually superb too.

The “bread & spread” they served in the very beginning wasn’t entirely to my liking. While I liked the different types of bread quite a lot, the spread, which was basically some kind of molten cheese was rather special in terms of taste. And while that is included in the cover charge (82 UYU), I consider it a bit high to be honest.

What I like a lot about the place is the interior – it is full of wine bottles, looks like an old pharmacy (although I doubt it is) …

… and is just generally very appealing. The service is friendly and does a good job but you have to be very patient when you order your drinks. Those take definitely longer than average.

What I like a lot about Uruguay is the fact that you are not charged the 22% VAT as a foreigner given you pay by credit card (doesn’t apply if you pay cash). That is quite a win if you think about it – just saving 22% off the bill and even if you’re generous with your tip (10% or more), you will still walk out paying effectively less than what the original bill states. Overall, I can recommend the Bar Tabaré for dinner – decent food, lovely atmosphere, okay service, and fair prices. If you are intending to go at their regular dinner hours, make sure you book a table in advance.


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Restaurant Bar Tabaré

José Luis Zorrilla De San Martín 154

11300 Montevideo (UY)

Tel.: +598 27 12 32 42

E-Mail: bartabare@bartabare.com

Homepage: http://www.bartabare.com

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