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The absolutely perfect pasta alla Bolognese experience: Restaurant Ciacco (21. December 2018)

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Given we somehow did not manage to try that famous pasta of Bologna, it was time to do that on our last evening. Although we just came from days of eating way too much, somehow we still decided that we should do that. Included in the “coperto” (EUR 3.00) was a little tasty ball – I cannot quite recall what it was but it was good.

As a starter, we went for the “Parma ham aged 30 months with Parmigiano Reggiano cremoso and quince compote” (EUR 12.00) plus “the three Parmigiano Reggiano (different aging)” (EUR 10.00). The meat selection was decent but the creamy Parmesan wasn’t entirely my cup of tea. However, the Parmesan in three different aging stages was an interesting experience as you could taste how the flavour got more intense with age plus the cheese got denser.

One typical dish are the “Tortellini in meat broth (‘al brodo’)” (EUR 13.00) which were great as they were perfectly al dente …

… and they are – apparently – also served with freshly grated Parmesan although they are served in “soup form”. Quite interesting really but it was good.

Secondly, I went for the “Tagliatelle with bolognese ragù” (EUR 11.00) for which I had come to Bologna to try. And they were heavenly. I absolutely loved it. Pasta perfectly al dente, bolognese ragù with intense flavour. Overall just tremendous!

The last course was a “coffee cream”. Somehow friendly to get these but not really to my liking – especially since they served four.

The place is simple but you feel somehow homey quite quickly. The service is friendly and attentive until the moment you ask for the bill and want to pay. Then, things slow down. Miraculously like so often. And if you want to pay by card, you have to go upstairs as there is no reception downstairs (which they only told us after inquiring like three times to pay by card). Still, all in all, the Ciacco is a place you can definitely visit if you want to have a real Bolognese pasta experience.


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Restaurant Ciacco

Via S. Simone 1/c

40126 Bologna (IT)

Tel.: +39 051 265 441

E-Mail: info@ristoranteciacco.com

Homepage: http://www.ristoranteciacco.com

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