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19. March 2010: Restaurang Vapiano

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The restaurant Vapiano is situated in the area Gamla stan of Stockholm and easily reachable by metro (tunnelbana in Swedish) – metro stop “Gamla stan”. The restaurant is basically located right across the exit of the metro station.

The Vapiano is part of an international restaurant chain serving Italian food. It already looks appealing from the outside as the building is mainly made of glass and you can see the customers inside. It’s desigend very modernly and fashionably – the impression is even hightened once you’ve entered the place.

You’re warmly welcomed at the entrance and – in case there is no table free immediately – you get a buzzer and a number assigned. Spending time at the bar in order to get time pass by and waiting for the buzzer to buzz indicating that there’s a free table available for you now.

The system of Vapiano is a bit different to the one of a classical restaurant as the system is a combination between a classical restaurant where you have your table and eat there and a fast food chain where you just go grab your food. Basically, you stand in line, choose your dish, get another buzzer assigned, debit a card you’ve been given once you’ve entered the place, wait for the buzzer to buzz, grab your food in exchange for the buzzer and take the food to your table yourself. Once you want to leave, you just go and present your card at the cashier who then charges you for the food consumed.

The starter was a Bruschetta (roasted Ciabatta, tomatoes, olive oil and garlic) which were quite good, but not really outstanding (especially compared to Italy).

After that I had an Insalta Caprese. The salad was actually quite good and generously prepared as you get a whole mozzarrella served.

Finally, I’ve had a Pizza L’Acacia which had Prosciutto Crudo, figs and acacia honey as toppings. The pizza was really tasty and surprisingly new to me as it never occurred to me that honey could be used as a pizza topping.

Analyzing the dishes all in all, the food was quite good and surprisingly new with regards to the pizza. What even made the experience better were elements like the fresh basil plant standing on each table ready to be picked from to be eaten.

Overall, the Vapiano is a good place to go to to just eat something in a stylish, modern atmosphere without wanting to wait for ages and not spending too much money on food. And for those having been to Vapiano in Zurich, Switzerland – it’s definitely better in Stockholm!

(The service doesn’t get two stars only because it was bad – but there is basically no service and it’s supposed to be a part of a restaurant – in my opinion)


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Contact Details:

Restaurant Vapiano Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan

Munkbrogatan 8

114 27 Stockholm (SE)

Tel.: +46 82 22 94 0

Fax: +46 82 22 98 0

Homepage: http://www.vapiano.se

E-Mail: stockholm2@vapiano.se

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