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17. May 2013: Restaurant Tri Šešira

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When I asked the chauffeur what typical Serbian dishes are the answer was rather simple: “meat”. So of course the first stop when the first time in Serbia had to be at a meat place and as a starter the “Predjelo Tri Šešira Hors d’oeuvre” (610 RSD ~ EUR 5.50) with Montenegrin prosciutto of Njeguši, dried beef, cheese, kaymak, Serbian baked beans, pork craclings pate, meat fritters and pone just seemed right. And the things were tasty.


The bread was charged additionally (70 RSD ~ EUR 0.60) but at least not per loaf but for the whole basket. As a main I went for yet another typical Serbian dish – “Skadarlijsky vecera” (1’070.00 RSD ~ EUR 9.65) which is a selection of meat, namely pork loin, beefsteak, veal medallion wrapped in bacon and chevap. The beefsteak and the veal medallion were good, the pork loin was fine too …


… but neither came even close to the dish my company had, the “Biftek Tri Šešira (1’390.00 RSD ~ EUR 12.50) which was beefsteak with Serbian pepper chutney sauce. The meat was incredibly tender and the pepper chutney sauce was damn tasty.


The beer, “Jelen Toceni” does not taste like much (0,5L, 220 RSD ~ EUR 2.00) but the espresso (130 RSD ~ EUR 1.15) tastes strong and good. The restaurant is located in the pedestrian zone of the Bohemian quarter which is quite nice but definitely majorly touristic. The waiters were quite differenting in their service – while one was friendly and helpful and even taught us a couple of Serbian words the other one was just damn unfriendly.

Overall, it is okay to eat at the Restaurant Tri Šešira (three hats) – fair food, nice area and fair prices – with the service you can be lucky, or not!


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Restaurant Tri Šešira

Skadarska 29

11000 Belgrade (RS)

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