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19. May 2013: Restaurant homa

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Definitely the best place I have been to in Belgrade! The Restaurant homa is number one on TripAdvisor and I must say, for a very good reason (as was O Paparico in Porto and Porrue in Bilbao)! Obviously, I went for the “Test Menu” (3’600.00 RSD) which was just described as “8 courses selected by the chef” so I had no idea what I had to expect. It all started pretty normal with bread and some kind of bean hummus paste which was tasty (included in the cover charge of 99.00 RSD).


The first course were “Crunchy balls with smetana and black truffle tartufata” (priced with 795.00 RSD on the regular menu). While they were pretty simple in taste they had a great texture as of course they were crunchy but then they became slightly liquid inside.


Next was “goos liver snow with almonds and roasted onions” (priced with 985.00 RSD on the regular menu). The goos liver foam was very tasty and the crunchiness of the onions and almonds were a great combination.


The “Skripavac grilled goat cheese on honey mustard crostini and mixed salad with walnuts and raisins infused in port wine” (priced with 725.00 RSD on the regular menu) was a rather average course – combination of crunchy and “melty”, nothing more.


The “chicken breast with crispy skin and oven-baked creamy spinach” (priced with 855.00 RSD on the regular menu) was good – the spinach though was amazingly tasty!


My personal highlight was the “duck confit on parsnip cream with white-wine-poached Granny Smith apples and green mustard vinegret” (priced with 1’095.00 RSD on the regular menu). The duck was amazingly tasty – almost melting in your mouth and filling it with flavour. And especially the combination with parsnip crea and Granny Smith apples plus mustard vinegret was mind-blowing! An explosion of taste!


The “‘Bajader'” pressed veal belly on puré with dijon mustard seed and gravy with morel mushrooms” (priced with 1’195.00 RSD on the regular menu) was a sound dish.


The first sweet was, well, not really a sweet. The “beetroot sorbet with candied cherries, chocolate sauce and a chocolate” (not priced on the regular menu) looked absolutely great – and it was damn interesting to eat but I am not so sure if I will become a huge fan of beetroot sorbet. Definitely an interesting approach though.


The last course was a “Clay pot with mint icecream, white chocolate, dark chocolate fondant and crumbles” (priced with 385.00 RSD on the regular menu). Not being a huge fan of chocolate, I must admit, the clay pot was delicious! The perfect ending for a great meal!


What makes the place additionally even better is the fact that is very stylish – located in an industrial area, it is not really where you would go if you would not know about it! It is absolutely worth going though! The place is damn stylish – when you sit outside, and even more …


… when you sit inside. Also, they do something right about their waitresses as most of them are real eye candy and they do generally speaking a good job. They are friendly and helpful and even joking – all good. The only thing which was a bit of not perfect was the fact that we had initially to wait quite long until we were served. Other than that, all good!


When you are in Belgrade, in my humble opinion, the Restaurant homa is absolutely the place to go! Stylish location, very good food with expectionally mind-blowing dishes, very fair prices and last but not least quite good service!


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Restaurant homa

Žorža Klemansoa 19

11000 Belgrade (RS)

Tel.: +381 11 328 66 59

E-Mail: homarestoran@gmail.com

Homepage: http://www.homa.rs

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