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8. August 2013: Restaurant Rico’s Kunststuben

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Although the apéro took place outside while it was pouring cats and dogs, it was a good start for lunch. To the various incredibly tasty amuse bouche like tuna filet on rusk, tatar in a cornet, small foie grass balls and lemongrass-curry soup a refreshing berry champage was served. The service was already at this point in time impeccable.

Lunch started with a selection of seafood elements “Vegetables aspic and langoustines with oriental spicery, shrimp ball with sesame, and lobster cappuccino” – while it was not easy to eat due to the plate it was served in, it was scrumptious! The shrimp ball was aromatic, the langoustines truly delicious and the lobster cappuccino mind-boggling.


Next was “Zucchini blossom stuffed with scallop; calamaretti à la minute, and sabayon of three lemons”. The sabayon was incredibly good, it even sent shivers down my spine! The calamaretti in combination with the very flavourful mini tomatoes were ambrosial. The zucchini blossom stuffed with scallops was exquisite.


The main course was without fail: “poussin ‘Terreni alla Maggia’, Onsen egg, Foie Gras sauté, polenta with rocket, corn and figs”. The poussin was smooth and meldet like butter in your mouth, the foie gras was aromatic and rich and dissembled when you ate it, the polenta with corn was great and what really blew my mind was the “Onsen egg”. The consistency, the texture, the aroma, incredible!


For dessert, a “raspberry cigar, foam of champagne, and raspberry cilantro icecream” was served. The cigar was of intense taste, the foam of champagne was so subtle you would almost not be aware of it and the raspberry cilantro icecream refined with dehydrated raspberries was mouth-watering.


Last but not least, coffee and pastry was served to close the lunch. The service was – as already stated initially – impeccable. Perfectly harmonized, you would never have an empty glass in front of you, be it water or wine, and the courses were always served for the whole table at once. Plus: they are very friendly and always have a smile on their lips.


Personally, I will gladly go again to enjoy a lunch or dinner at Rico’s Kunststuben – reservation highly recommended otherwise you probably won’t get a table. For me definitely a high-light in Zürich (or rather, its vicinity).


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Restaurant Rico’s Kunststuben

Seestrasse 160

8700 Küsnacht (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 910 07 15

E-Mail: rico@kunststuben.com

Homepage: http://kunststuben.com

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