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5. October 2013: Trattoria Tuit @Eataly

| October 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

I was recommended the Eataly by an Italian colleague of mine (although the one in Turin) and thought that I would not be able to experience Eataly while in Piemonte as Turin was not on the agenda – and then I walked into “Eataly @ Asti” randomly. Funny coincidence so I decided to try it: I went for a small lunch after a heavy breakfast and a large dinner the night before: “Gnocchi Piemontesi con Salsiccia e Broccoli” (EUR 10.00).


The gnocchi had a great consistency and taste, the salsiccia and broccoli were adding the little extra but again I figured this combination is not really my favourite dish. In any case, the food was of good quality, no question but frankly, not that outstanding although everything was fresh and tasty. The service is friendly and generally does a good job but is limitedly attentive – sometimes of all the three waiters not a single one was in the room (and we are not talking about 200 tables or so).


The place itself is also not that nice – I mean, the little “covered patio” is quite nicely furnitured but somehow it was not really what I had expected. In any case, the dishes are good, not outstanding though and so is the service. The prices are fair on the other hand (expected them to be more expensive) which also applies for the beverages (e.g. double espresso, EUR 2.00; 1L water, EUR 2.00) and of course the cover charge (coperto) which is reasonable with EUR 2.00.

Personally, tried it and it is nice but when it comes to tasty food I think there is more to discover “when in Rome” ;-) (or Italy in general)! One side note, the actual name of the restaurant “Tuit” is an Italian translation of “to eat”! :-)


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Trattoria Tuit @ Eataly

Via Carlo Leone Grandi 3

14100 Asti (IT)

Tel.: +39 01 41 09 58 13

Fax: +39 01 41 35 44 30

E-Mail: info@tuit.it

Homepage: http://www.tuit.it

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