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5. October 2013: Ristorante Madonna della Neve

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It is almost exactly three years ago since I have had the pleasure to eat at the Ristorante Madonna della Neve the last time. And I must say while my expectations where definitely high, they were met! First was a round of antipasti (EUR 10.00 for all of them) and it started with “Carpaccio con Porcini”. The meat was delicious, the olive oil used to refine it incredibly tasty and the fresh porcini just made it a perfect start into the evening.


The second antipasto was “veal tongue with red and green sauce”. While it is obviously not the most tasty thing you would think of trying, I must say it was pretty decent. The taste was subtle, the red sauce made of tomatoes and garlic was smooth – another good starter.


Next was “Crêpes with porcini”. I am not a huge fan of crêpes but in this particular combination they were absolutely delicious. The stuffing with fresh hot porcini was absolutely aromatic.


The fourth antipasto this evening was some kind of “onion mini-cake with cheese sauce”. Although it was not really onion but another vegetable which was onion-like but way smoother and, unfortunately, I did not pay enough attention to figure which cheese it was. In any case, the course was delicious – especially the combination of the onion-like taste with the cheese sauce.


As a last antipasto, “bell peppers stuffed with salsiccia, tomatoes, cheese and eggs” were served. It was definitely tasty, no question but compared to the other antipasti it lapsed in taste.


As in every good Italian restaurant, the next course was a “primo piatto” which is usually some kind of pasta. And of course you were able to choose from approximately ten different pasta options. I went for a classical one served on a napkin …


… namely, “agnolotti” (EUR 7.00). They have no salt, no sauce, no oil, just pure agnolotti served on a napkin. Why the napkin you wonder? I don’t know to be honest but it does not really matter. The agnolotti are tasty, aromatic and also a spectacle for the eyes.


The “secondo” that evening was “cognilio” (EUR 13.00) …


… with carrots, potatoes and fennel. While the rabbit was definitely smooth, aromatic and cooked in a great sauce, the vegetables were not as outstanding. The carrots were good but the potatoes were too dry and the fennel was somehow boring. Still, as I was pretty stuffed already I did not have the urge to try many vegetables so it was fine.


Last but not least, I took a difficult decision – I skipped the cheese course and went straight to dessert: “apple honey tart mille-feuille with calvados icecream” (EUR 4.00). The tart was delicious, taste-intense, aromatic – absolutely yummy! The calvados icecream was great in taste and had a very interesting consistency. It was somehow more a cream but at the same time it was obviously icecream – weird, but interesting and lekker!


The positive impression was already created in the beginning – when you are seated a selection of grissini and bread is placed on your table. Worth trying as they are fresh and tasty. A couple of words about the service: the waitress is dedicated, friendly, patient and helpful! Definitely doing a great job – that she forgot to bring new water once can be overlooked given the place was cramped and she was absolutely passionate about what she was doing, thank you Maura, for a great evening.


One interesting remark about the restaurant – when I entered, I saw a sign of the “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs” which obviously intrigued me. I talked to the owner and he told me that his brother who had passed away three years ago (and was the chef of the restaurant) was a member of the Chaîne. Sad story indeed but he definitely managed to keep up the spirit and the quality of the dishes.


To sum it up, the “Ristorante Madonna della Neve” is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere and you have to get there by car – it is worth going there though. The food is delicious, the service is great, the prices are absolutely ridiculous for what you get and last but not least, the place is nice. Frankly, it is a bit too bright but besides that, it is more than worth going!


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Ristorante Madonna della Neve

Reg. Madonna della Neve 2

14050 Cessole (IT)

Tel.: +39 01 44 85 04 02

Fax: +39 01 44 80 265

E-Mail: info@ristorantemadonnadellaneve.it

Homepage: http://www.ristorantemadonnadellaneve.it

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