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23. November 2013: Cafe Baldung im Augustinermuseum

| December 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

Absolutely nice place, absolutely tasty coffee and food – but, dude, the service is sub-terrestrial! First, you have to walk up to the counter to place your order which is unpleasent but obviously okay. Then, placing the order, I was basically first ignored, then finally my order was taken but in a very unpleasant, unfriendly, non-professional way. Once the coffees were prepared you would expect that she would maybe make a not that they are (as we were just sitting like 2 meters from the counter) – but nope: Not gonna happen! So the coffees stood there for quite some time until one of us noticed that they were prepared. I mean seriously, how the hell do you expect customers to return to your please if you are this unfriendly?

Anyway, the Cappuccino (EUR 2.50) was definitely tasty …


… and the “Chocolate Cake” (EUR 3.00) even more. It had small crumbles of nut which provided it with a hint of crunchiness which was quite interesting. The place itself is quite nice as it is located in a museum with high ceiling, old-ish decoration and just overall pleasant.


Well, a bit off topic but somehow too funny not to share – it is not only a museum but it seems to be an art place. When you walk towards the toilet I saw something written on the wall which I considered quite hilarious: “Pizza, Love, Harmony”.


In any case, the Café Baldung im Augustinermuseum closes down in December this year (according to their homepage). A pity I’d say as it is a nice atmosphere, good dishes, fair prices – and well, very crappy service … so maybe not a loss in the end!


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Cafe Baldung im Augustinermuseum


79098 Freiburg im Breisgau (DE)

E-Mail: post@cafe-baldung.de

Homepage: http://www.sebastiantrefzer.com/baldung

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