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1. January 2014: Restaurant Nusr-Et Steak House

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The experience at the Nusr-Et Steak House was definitely a good one – but there is one thing you have to be sure about – you have to be patient if you want to dine here. We had a table booked for 8pm and we waited around 45 minutes before we were finally led to our table. After waiting another 45 minutes, the first course was served which makes a total waiting time of approximately 1,5 hours. Finally, the “steak tartar with dijon mustard, sea salt and cognac” (35.00 TRL) was fine but frankly I have had better beef tartar and for the fact that this is apparently the best place for meat lovers, I must say I was a bit disappointed about the starter.


My main course was the “Nusr-Et Kobe” (85.00 TRL) which was incredibly rich and tender but had quite some layers of fat (actually a bit too much for my personal gusto) but definitely yummy meat.


The main course was originally served with baked potatoes but I asked for home made fries and first they were not served. Only after I had asked the waiter again, he brought them. Secondly, there was supposed to be spinach purree with my main too – which was not served at all which I definitely consider a pity. In any case, neither the oven baked potatoes nor the fries were especially good.


The highlight was the dessert – usually my least favourite course – “pistacchio Baklava with Vanilla Ice Cream” (16.00 TRL). The highlight was not really taste-wise but experience-wise as the preparation of the dessert took place right at the table.


First, the baklava was parted and the two bowls of vanilla icecream were cut in half – to be …


… nicely spread between the halves which were then perfectly finalized to look like a piece of cake.


The highlight was not the preparation itself but much more the fact that the waiter then took the whole thing and pretty much shoved it up the mouth of the one who was just being served. The bite was tasty and rich but the face of my company in the moment when the dessert was fed was priceless – but see for yourself!


The interior of the Nusr-Et Steak House is definitely appealing as the “meat theme” is very strong with this one. Basically, there is meat in all forms and ways to display …


… even when you already enter the place, it is a clear theme. But unfortunately, the theme and atmosphere of the entrance does not match the interior and atmosphere of the restaurant itself. We dined upstairs and frankly the interior is rather shabby.


Generally speaking, the prices are quite fine though – a beer (Efes) accounts for 12.00 TRL, a bottle of San Pellegrino for 15.00 TRL and last but not least a bottle of Sarafin, Merlot, 2011 for 160.00 TRL. Unfortunately, the service is not entirely up to its task. As initionally mentioned, we had to be quite patient to get served and secondly it took more than 20 minutes to bring the second bottle of water. Yeah, it was crowded and yeah, we may have had some language barriers but frankly, that is just way too much time to fulfill these tasks.

In any case, somehow the Restaurant Nusr-Et Steak House is a place which definitely can be visited. It is not on my top list but I think there is nothing wrong – especially in summer when you maybe have the chance to dine outside – and you pick the right dishes, it should be fine.


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Restaurant Nusr-Et Steak House

Etiler Mh.

Nispetiye Caddesi No: 87

34337 Beşiktaş / Istanbul (TR)

Tel.: +90 212 358 30 22

Tel.: +90 212 358 30 23

E-Mail: nusret@nusr-etsteakhouse.com

Homepage: http://www.nusr-etsteakhouse.com

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