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30. May 2014: Restoran Bistro Apetit

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This place was recommended to me by a Croatian friend living in Zagreb (I met a couple of months ago in Vienna) and I must say that his recommendations really are to be followed. The Bistro Apetit is – according to his information – currently the number 1 restaurant in Zagreb and I must say I easily believe so. One hint upfront with regards to finding the place – either you have to walk quite a bit (as did I) or you take a cab which brings you there. However, I decided to go for the tasting menu (412 KRN, approx. CHF 66.25) which started with “hand-chooped beef tartare with bharta and toasted bread” (45 KRN, approx. CHF 7.25) and “burrata on arugula salad with sautéed tomatoes, strawberry and celery coulis” (KRN 39.50, approx. CHF 6.35).


The beef tatare was aromatic and rich but did not fully meet my expectations of the best restaurant in Zagreb yet …


… but luckily there was the “burrata” which was already a bit more up to the task. It did not only look delicious but also tasted so. Especially the combination of the yellow cherry tomatoes, the strawberry sauce which was placed all over the burrata and in the end the burrata itself was amazing. The only downside was that parts of the burrata were very dry which didn’t make it the perfect dish.


What absolutely blew my mind was the next course: The “foie gras on sautéed apricots with mint and Chatreux Framboise glaze” (135 KRN, approx. CHF 21.70). The foie gras was incredibly smooth while still having this little crispiness of the outside part which was grilled. The foie gras itself was absolutely, incredibly tasty. In combination with the apricots and the mint it was a mouth-watering combination which just blew my mind.


The next course was “white fagottini with roasted lamb filling on butter emulsion and fresh Istrian truffles” (47.50 KRN, approx. CHF 7.65). The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and entirely to my liking. The stuffing was strong in taste and very appealing. Only the fresh Istrian truffles were somehow either not so fresh or they are generally of a very dry consistency. Additionally, the truffles truly smelled great but they really lacked taste which was a pity as else the food was outstanding.


The last course was “Black Angus Entrecôte served with baby potatoes with rosemary, green asparagus with pancetta” (145 KRN, approx. CHF 23.30). The meat was of good quality, nicely medium cooked (although the waiter did not asked ahead of how I wanted my meat prepared). The potatoes and the asparagus were fine in taste as well.


The dish was acompanied by “cold green bean and lemon salad” which was not really anthing special but of a very refreshing nature – although not entirely common to eat cold beans I must admit that it was actually surprisingly good.


Overall, I do understand why people call this the best restaurant in Zagreb. The food is absolutely great although the only course really knocking me out was the foie gras on apricots. But given what you pay for it, I must say that it is outstanding. And that is not only applicable to the dishes but also to the beverages (i.e. a double espresso accounts for 26 KRN, approx. CHF 4.20; a small bottle of mineral water for 12 KRN, approx. CHF 1.90; a glass of the white wine Torre Rosazza Friulano, 0,125L, for 32 KRN, approx. CHF 5.15; a glass of the red wine Boskinac, 0,125L, for 47 KRN, approx. CHF 7.55 and last but not least the Cover Charge with 15 KRN, approx. CHF 2.40 is also pretty decent).


But the place goes beyond food and beverages – the place itself is also absolutely lovely designed. Modern equipment, interesting interior design, spacious, light-flooded and located in the middle of a green area.


Even the service is close to flawless. There were only two minor issues overall – I had ordered a large bottle of mineral water in the beginning and was at first served a small bottle. Secondly, I placed an order of 3 DL wine which somehow did not get through so we had to order by the single glass. Besides that, the waiter was incredibly attentive, friendly and helpful at all times.


All in all, it is absolutely worth to take the walk up the hills to go to the Restoran Bistro Apetit – great food, fair price performance ratio, nice atmosphere and last but not least good service!


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Restoran Bistro Apetit

Jurjevska Ulica 65a

10 000 Zagreb (HR)

Tel.: +385 1 467 73 35

E-Mail: info@bistroapetit.com

Homepage: http://www.bistroapetit.com

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