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31. May 2014: Restoran 5/4 – Peta Cetvrtina

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This restaurant was also recommended by my Croatian friend and it was another good recommendation. As the one before it was located a bit outside of the city centre so you have to walk a bit (approx. 15 mins) to get there but it is worth it. It is not easy to find as the official name is “Peta Cetvrtina” but the name of the restaurant is “5/4”. After finally finding it you are welcomed warmly by the waiter and brought into the very appealing premise which is modernly designed with a lot of wooden notes – lovely.

There is no “menu” really but rather a list of things which they are able to cook based on what they found on the market. This morning they obviously had found some good salad and goat cheese which is why I went for the “Goat Cheese salad with sweet-bitterish balsamico reduction and nuts” (45 KRN, approx. CHF 7.25) and I must say that it was a great salad as the salad was fresh, the sauce was very appealing and the cheese was nicely creamy and not overwhelming (as it is often the case).


As a main dish, I had “quail with a lemon reduction and potato foam” (100 KRN, approx. CHF 16.10) which was interesting in taste as the quail is rather plain by itself but in combination with the lemon reduction and the powder on the side (I was not able to identify what it was) it became a very delicious piece of meat (although a bit difficult to eat). The potato foam was light but not too light but somehow more a mixture of a cream and a foam – lovely.


As after only two courses there was space for another course, I went for the “apricot mascarpone cake with cream and crumbles” (30 KRN, approx. CHF 4.85) which was great (and I am not a big fan of sweets) as the apricot layer is present on top but also on the bottom of the cake which makes it light despite the heavy cream in the middle.


While I must admit that the food is absolutely good and the prices are more than fair (also for the beverages: water, 0,75L, 16 KRN, approx. CHF 2.60; cover charge, 10 KRN, CHF 1.60), one must also outline another two things which are truly great. The intior is absolutely amazing – very modern, perfectly harmonic with everything in the restaurant that you can just say “wow!”.







What is obviously also always a good sign is an open kitchen and in the 5/4 you have a look straight into the kitchen and watch the chefs prepare your food.


In addition to all this, there is also the service which is truly professional. There is one waiter responsible for the whole restaurant at lunch time and he is very smooth (in the meaning of non-intrusive), friendly, professional in its way of service. The only (little) flaw was that the water was not placed on the table but always provided by the waiter (which was only a problem as sometimes the glasses emptied quicker than the waiter was able to fill the glasses). Another little thing which was not entirely satisfying was the fact that they do not offer espresso (at all).

Overall, I must admit that the experience at the Restoran 5/4 is absolutely a lovely one. The food is great, the place is amazing, the service is outstanding and the prices are still very reasonable. So, if you have the time to walk there, you definitely should pay this place a visit!


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Restoran 5/4 – Peta Cetvrtina

Ulica Popa Dukljaninova 1

10 000 Zagreb (HR)

Tel.: +385 1 46 166 54

E-Mail: rezervacije@petacetvrtina.com

Homepage: http://www.petacetvrtina.com

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