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12. July 2014: Hula Hula Beach Club

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Usually, you have to walk to the Hula Hula Beach Club from Hvar City but as we came from Carpe Diem Beach we persuaded the coxswain to ship us to Hula Hula Beach Club direclty (for 20 KRN, approx. CHF 3.20 per person). The club is starting to fill up around 5pm and the party goes on until midnight and beyond. The crowd is nice, the people are moving to the sound and generally it is just a good atmosphere.


It is kind of tricky to get a table unless you persuade the waiter that you will consume enough. After ordering a bottle of gin, 10 Karlovacko beers (280 KRN, approx. CHF 44.55) and a pitcher of vodka lemon (208 KRN, approx. CHF 33.10) the waiter was persuaded of letting us at a table. In any case, the concept of a table is more the concept of having something to put your orders on and is not as exclusive or seclusive as in other clubs.


The waiter is friendly and even when the whole place is pulsating, I got my Vodka Lemon (54 KRN, approx. CHF 8.60) within minutes. What is nice beyond the crowd, the fair prices and the quick service is the atmosphere. Especially when the sun is about to go down it is truly marvelous and makes you pause for a second and suck in the beauty of the moment.


The moment became truly picturesque in the very moment when the sun was about to disappear but it just leaves you with a feeling of joy and happiness.


Overall, the Hula Hula Beach Club is the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy the evening and pre-party a bit – after having spent a nice and enjoyable afternoon at Carpe Diem Beach. The only downside to the place is that it is a cash only place so you always have to carry quite a load of cash with you if you want to spend some time there – and the next ATM is approx. 20 minutes (by foot) away from the club.


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Hula Hula Beach Club

Hvar (HR)

Tel.: +385 955 587 791

Homepage: http://www.hulahulahvar.com

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