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25. October 2014: Supperclub Amsterdam

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Once more I consulted the book I really got to love – “Where Chefs Eat“. And the Supperclub was definitely the most recommended place in Amsterdam so I decided to book it well in advance. The booking process is rather easy – but the confirmation process is rather annoying. 24 hours before the booking you get an email to confirm the booking. 12 hours before, you get another email – and finally they call you again like 3 hours before. I mean, I get that they want a certain security with regards to the chance that you do not show up, however, I thinkg 3 times is definitely a bit too much.

Before coming to the food part, one must know how the supperclub actually works. The place starts off as a restaurant and turns into a club thereafter. However, it is not really a classical restaurant in its original sense but much more kind of an event location where you lay down on a large sofa and eat your food right off the plate which is placed on your legs. Definitely something you have to get used to first but once you do, it is actually quite fun!

There is not really anything you can pick from a menu – but there is just one menu (EUR 69.00) where you are asked if you have any intolerances. The first course of the evening was “scallops with parsnip” which was okay – especially the parsnip part. The scallops were somehow rather boring and not too persuading though.


The next course was my favourite course of the evening – “chorizo with vegetables”. There was only one slice of chorizo but the combination with the vegetables and the crunchy element which was also in the dish was quite nice. You just had to make sure that you would actually get some chorizo with every bite you’d take …. else the dish becomes rather boring but if you managed to combine the various ingredients of the dish, it was definitely a sound dish.


The main course, “three ways of chicken with tomato sauce and garlic” definitely looked nice but it was somehow rather dull. I mean, you were not really able to identify the chicken and somehow it did not blow my mind.


The “beef with truffles and beets” was actually tasty. The quality of the meat was good, flavourful aromas and sound sauce with which it was served. However, while the idea of the beets was defintiely nice and it was also displayed really nice I must admit that it did taste like absolutely nothing which made it kind of a disappointment.


Finally, the last course was a “chocolate cake with berry flavours” which was quite chocolatey but nice. In all fairness, it is not really about the food – I mean it is good but definitely nothing outstanding. It is really way more about the experience. The place is not only atmospheric it is also continuous entertainment you get there.


The whole evening the light is dimmed, everything held in purple and blue making it great, atmosphere-wise. What is even better is the massage. As you are already almost laying down while eating you have he chance to get a massage from a professional masager (EUR 15.00) – which I obviously did. And she did a great job. Not only because she really was giving a great massage but also because she really focussed on the parts which were most tense (like my neck and shoulders).


Throughout the evening various acts showed up – first a guy who started painting mustaches on everybody and you could only refuse if you were ín the process of eating – else, you got one. Somehow mustaches seeem to be a topic here – as upon entering the place you are greeted by an actually (not painted) beared lady with a mustache.


Secondly, there is not only people painting your face but also actual shows. Like a guy moving weirdly to the music (which looked way more impressive live than in the picture) …


… and a lady starting off as an angel, and ending up playing with fire basically almost naked. And many other moments of entertainment so you were actually never bored. With regards to the service I must say for the fact that everything looked absolutely chaotic and uncoordinated – they do a great job. You usually get your drinks within a couple of minutes after placing your order which is definitely a plus (drink prices ranging between EUR 8.00 and EUR 12.00).


But already the entrance is quite funny – or rather “hidden”, I mean, not really, but a bit. The door does not really show a sign which says “supperclub”, respectively you have to look quite a bit until you spot it as it is really overhead. However, once you’re in you immediately understand why this place is great.


To sum up my experience at the Supperclub: I absolutely loved it – not so much because of the food but really because of The Dining Experience. Definitely something rather unique – I have experienced similar concepts before but they were just copies of the real thing – and the real thing is worth visiting!


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Contact Details:

Supperclub Amsterdam

Jonge Roelensteeg 21

1012 PL Amsterdam (NL)

Tel.: +31 20 344 64 00

E-Mail: amsterdam@supperclub.com

Homepage: http://www.supperclub.com

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