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30. December 2014: Restaurant Venezia @ Hotel Islane

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While it proofed more and more difficult to find a place just like that if you did not book anything in advance – especially during lunch time – the Restaurant Venezia definitely looked promising as it is basically a roof top terrace where you get to look at the biggest minarette in Marrakesh. Unfortunately, the location is pretty much the only thing why you should go there.

When you arrive upstairs (quite some stairs), you are greeted and brought to your table. Then, the waiting begins. After approximately 10 minutes, and various times to try to make the waiter realize that someone was there by waving, he finally managed to come to the table – and drop the menu. To be gone again for another 10 minutes. And he managed to show up again – and took the orders. The drinks as well as the dishes. You would think it does not take too long to serve “thé à la menthe” (12 MAD) as everyone orders it all the time. Nope, you’re wrong! You just have to wait another 20 minutes before you get, the tea (!). I mean, come on, really?


At least, the tea came with “olives” and some bread so you were able to spend the time you were waiting with eating some olives and bread.


After another 15 minutes, finally, the dish arrived. I had ordered “couscous aux sept légumes & poulet” (95 MAD) which was okay – the couscous was fine, the vegetables too, just the chicken was not really great as it was very boney.


When I finally asked for the bill, it only took the waiter another 10 minutes to bring it. I mean, wow, that is almost quick (attention: sarcasm!). And then, and that was really when I thought I did not hear properly, he said: I am sorry, we do not take credit cards! Okay, fair enough if you are a small restaurant somewhere but if you are a fucking hotel – I mean, in what fucking century do we live in? You pay your room with cash if you stay there for 3 weeks? Just like that??!

Honestly, do not go here – bad, bad, bad experience!


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Restaurant Venezia @ Hotel Islane

Avenue Mohammed V 279

40000 Marrakesh (MA)

Tel.: +212 524 44 00 81

Fax: +212 524 44 00 85

E-Mail: contact@islane-hotel.com

Homepage: http://www.islane-hotel.com

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