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8. February 2015: El Coro Lounge Bar

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The “La Leyenda (lemongrass infused absolut vodka, lychee liqueur, mint leaves, lime juice, mango and passion fruit tea)” (24’000 COP) is – as the drink’s name already suggests – a legendary drink. The taste is quite fruity but still intense with vodka – so the perfect drink after a long day if you want to spend some time before dinner.


The “El Diamante Rosa (smirnoff vodka, orange juice, cranberry, lime juice, honey, cherry syrup and mint leaves)” (24’000 COP) is another good drink but does not match the quality of the La Leyenda.


A nice gesture from the staff is the serving of “olives, spicy cheese, and – once more – fried banana chips”. Definitely a higher class quality serving of little snacks to your drinks. I guess that is where you see that the bar is part of the Sofitel hotel.


The interior of the bar is absolutely lovely as it used to be a monastery – the rooms are tall and had been decorated to be a bar. The spaciousness and the thereby created privacy is absolutely lovely.


At some point during the evening a little show happened – two guys dressed as monks walked through the bar with some olibanum and one of them walked down to the crypt but no explanation took place why this happened. However, it was a funny entertaining moment.


The waitress is very friendly – but lacks attentiveness. We were waiting quite a bit until she showed up to give us the drinks menu, then waiting again until she took the order, and waiting again until we got the drinks, and waiting again to pay the bill. Frankly, too much waiting! However, the bar is absolutely lovely and can be recommended.


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El Coro Lounge Bar

Sofitel Santa Maria Hotel

Calle del Torno #39-29

Cartagena (CO)

Tel.: +57 56 50 47 00

Fax: +57 56 64 70 10

E-Mail: reservation.santaclara@sofitel.com

Homepage: http://www.sofitel.com

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