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17. February 2015: Restaurant Argentina

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As it was my first time to Bielefeld ever, I decided that I had to try the best ranked restaurants in the city and the “Restaurant Argentina” is currently in the top 5 of the city. So much said beforehand, I was not a 100% persuaded about the place but it was on average quite okay. But let’s go step by step. I had booked a table in advance and was there absolutely in time (5 minutes late), and still had to wait 20 minutes until I was finally seated.

When someone finally felt like coming up to the table and taking up the order, I ordered “Caesar Salad (large salad with parmesan dressing and juicy chicken breast stripes)” (EUR 8.90) as a starter. While again I had to be quite patient until the salad arrived, I was also not entirely satisfied when I saw my salad – the chicken was missing. After I finally caught the waiter paying attention, I asked him to bring me a caesar salad with chicken …


… which he did but quite obviously he was not happy about it. I was not either – believe me. However, the salad was quite okay although the parmesan dressing did not really have any taste-effect on the whole thing.


As the Restaurant Argentina is famous for its meat, I went for a “Bife de Lomo, Mediano, 300gr, Medium Rare” (EUR 26.50) as a main course. The meat was more medium than medium rare but still okay – but despite it being good, it lacked somehow in taste. There was not much meat flavour to be sensed.


As a side, I had ordered “grilled corn with bacon” (EUR 3.30) which was actually absolutely good but somehow a bit too much and there was not too much bacon for my personal gusto – definitely room for improvement there.


The “Sauce Bearnaise” (EUR 2.50) which had to be ordered additionally already looked quite yellow-ish when brought to the table and it tasted quite artifical – so not really enjoyable.


The bread and butter which was served initially was a smart move to calm down the temper when I was almost ready to walk out again and not eat at this premise. Frankly, for the fact that this is supposed to be among the best restaurants in Bielefeld, I was a bit disappointed. I mean, the food is okay, nothing bad, but for the ranking I was a bit surprised as I had definitely expected more.


The atmosphere of the place is okay – also not really the mind-blowing kind of experience but cozy. The waiter either had a really bad day or is generally a bit confused – was definitely not the kind of service I would ask for. At least the prices are “okay” – but then again for the expected quality it is pretty expensive. Although for a bottle of water (0,75L) I consider EUR 5.70 fair.

I personally would not recommend the Restaurant Argentina, respectively I would not go again as my expectations have not been met. But expectations sometimes really fuck up your experience. It is not bad at all here, it is just not as great as I wished it was.


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Restaurant Argentina

Niederwall 47

33602 Bielefeld (DE)

Tel.: +49 521 172 972

Fax: +49 521 172 931

Homepage: http://www.argentina-steakhouse.de

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